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Classic Rivalries! Who Would Win These Fights? 2016-03-01
Below is a list of some of the most frequently asked "Who would win in a fight" questio...
Black Ops 3 DLC 2016-02-23
Just as simple poll asking about whether or not players would purchase the awakening DLC. Thanks ...
The Noob Poll 2016-02-13
How much noobiness do you think you have? :>
you, a enemy, the old west and a group of Indians . 2016-02-10
in the old west in the desert,when you're confronting with shots with a enemy and just at the sam...
Best Super Mario Bros Game 2016-02-09
In this poll you will choose the best Super Mario Bros game including the New Super Mario Bros, S...
Favorite Pokemon Types 2016-01-15
Favorite Pokemon Types
The Dungeon Games 2 2016-01-15
I've decided to make another Dungeon Games poll because... why not? You don't have to have done t...
Thanksgiving Game Show 2015-11-19 (closed)
I am planning a Thanksgiving event for 100+ people and will include a game similar to "Famil...
What do you think of belly tickling? 2015-11-19
What do you think of belly tickling?
Best Games - By Console 2015-11-17
Choose from a list of games and find out which games are the most popular from each generation.
Vote for mixed tag team match 2015-11-16
I am a guy, 29 years old, about 5'11", 190 pounds and athletic. <br> My girlfriend is...
Pizza Sauce Dunk Tank 2015-11-16
Would you dunk someone in pizza sauce? Would you willing to get dunked? I saw an article about a ...
What is the best game? 2015-11-16
There have been many games made by Xbox or PlayStation etc., but what are your fave games , this ...
Getting gunged 2015-11-16
All about getting gunged (covered in messy slime) or gunging other people
Best Super Mario Power-Up 2015-09-16
We don't have every power up on here but you need to tell us your favorite power up from the supe...
Who would win in a fight Spyro or Crash? 2015-09-16
Who would win in a fight Spyro or Crash?
What is half of 99? 2015-09-08
What is half of 99?
Best Mario Kart 2015-08-26
Choose your favorite Nintendo Mario Kart Game.
Minecraft vs Terraria 2015-08-13
Minecraft and Terraria are both sandbox games where you gather resources, survive hostile mobs, a...
When is it consider okay to hit a boy in private parts 2015-08-13 (closed)
I am Thai and came to this country five years ago when I was 12. I practiced fighting styles for ...
favorite video games 2015-08-13
which is your favorite video game.
Mario vs Sonic vs Crash 2015-08-11
Three of the most famous icons the platforming genre has to offer. Now it's time to find out who...
Will Black Ops 3 be good or bad? 2015-08-11
Will Black Ops 3 be good or bad?
Truth Or Dare 18+ 2015-07-22
A Good Old Game Of Truth Or Dare Online!After Every Round, Drink A Large Glass Of Water If You...