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Legendary Pokemon Battles 2011-12-01
Please vote for which legendary pokemon wins which match.
minecraft 2011-11-28 (closed)
this is a poll about minecraft
Pokemon Poll 2011-11-21
A pokemon poll up to date as far as PokePark 2.
Favourite Normal-type Pokemon 2011-11-21
What's your fave Normal-type Pokemon evolution line?
Call Of Duty: Black Ops vs MW3? 2011-11-20
Which is the better game?
How much do you typically pay for a game? 2011-11-18
Also looking at the price trends between /r/gaming and /r/patientgamers.
How much do you typically pay for a game? 2011-11-17
How much do you typically pay for a game?
State of Nintendo in the Console Business. 2011-11-17
This poll is for both Nintendo fans and gaming fans in general. I am curious to know how people t...
Best Xbox 360 Game 2011-11-16 (closed)
What do you think is the best xbox 360 game ever?? Vote here!
2D GAMES 2011-11-16 (closed)
Answer questions only if you play video games
shooting and adventure games 2011-11-09 (closed)
shooting and adventure games
Favourite Ice Type Pokemon 2011-11-09
What's your favourite Ice-type Pokemon evolution line?
Favourite Main Mario Character 2011-11-09
Everyone knows the Super Mario Bros. series, but who is your favourite main character?
what was the best game ever 2011-11-08
what was the best game ever
Holiday Season Video Games 2011-11-08
2011 holiday season is upon us this year is set to be one of the best years in game releases much...
Sonic the hedgehog popular decsion 2011-11-03 (closed)
This poll is about what charcters, generation of games and just all around questions about sonic ...
Smartness of the toy robots 2011-10-31
This poll is about features that make the toy-robot smart. About what features are more importan...
Nintendo 3DS owner quick poll. 2011-10-31
Nintendo 3DS owner quick poll.
PS3 or Xbox 360? 2011-10-27
PS3 or Xbox 360?
What videogame would you have? 2011-10-27
Which video game would you prefer in the bunch
Console Gaming 2011-10-27
This is a poll about console videogames. Please answer based only on your experiences console gam...
Who's Your Favorite Cross Blades Character? 2011-10-27 (closed)
Choose Your favorite Cross Blades, my hit warrior-centred MapleStory Series.
Would you like to see Bruce Lee in a Great game for once?
What is your favrouite FPS (First person shooter) 2011-10-20
Whats your fave fps
games this christmas 2011-10-18 (closed)
games this christmas