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levels that should have been in sonic generations 2012-01-30
levels that should have been in sonic generations
Left 4 Dead Expertise Questions 2012-01-19
A Poll to separate the "experts" from the non-experts
2011 Poll for Video Games 2012-01-18
gaming heaven
Vote for Charlie Nash for Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 dlc 2012-01-16
Vote for Charlie for UMVC3 why one he's a rushdown character different from guile who a zoner two...
Best Legend of Zelda Companion 2012-01-12
Who is your favourite companion from The Legend of Zelda video game series?
Final Fantasy 2012-01-11
Since February has a new theme, which of these would you want me to do as a featured LP?
Favorite Resident Evil Charatcer 2012-01-06
Favorite Resident Evil Charatcer
guitar hero 2012-01-06
games, songs bands
Skyrim best two handed weapon? 2012-01-06
Skyrim best two handed weapon?
Sony super smash brothers game 2012-01-04
Sony is apparently up to making a super smash brothers like game for the playstation 3 and i thou...
Their own game 2012-01-02
Which of these Nintendo characters do you want to see in their own game?
Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3 2012-01-02
Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3
Call Of Duty vs. Battlefield 2012-01-02
Which shooter game do you like better?
What Skylanders adventure pack should I buy? 2012-01-01 (closed)
I can't decideeee
Call of Duty Poll 3.0 2011-12-31
The other two polls weren't all that great, so now that Modern Warfare 3 is out, it's time to mak...
psp vs ds vs GBA 2011-12-31
psp vs ds vs GBA
Which do you you think is the most significant? 2011-12-29
Out of the options which do you think is the most significant advancement in video gaming?
What wold you buy? Xbox720 or Ps4 2011-12-24
if Microsoft made a Xbox720 and Sony made a Ps4.... What would you buy?
Which system should I play my copy of Chrono Trigger on? 2011-12-23
I have Final Fantasy Chronicles.
Most Interesting Heavy Rain Character 2011-12-22
Who, of the four playable characters from the 2010 video game, Heavy Rain, was the most interesti...
Random Stuff 2011-12-17
Do you like the new Star Wars MMO?
Pokemahem 2011-12-17
If your having trouble with pokemon ruby or sapphire
Game's Concept. What's your favourite game? 2011-12-17 (closed)
Questions on everything games related. Currently designing a games concept, and primary research...
World of Warcraft or Perfect World 2011-12-05 (closed)
WoW- Better gaming experiance, more classes and races PW- Free, not as much endless grinding, ...
Minecraft! 2011-12-05
The most epic poll about Minecraft!