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Small Soulcalibur Poll 2001-01-16
Hello. Please do not expect this poll to be something special... I simply felt like making a Soul...
Ultima Online Siege Perilous Survey 2001-01-15
This poll is just to get a general idea of the opinions of the people that play or have played on...
SolidSnke.com Poll 2001-01-15
SolidSnke's Weekly Poll
Best PSX RPG & Divisions 2001-01-11
This is for the best PSX RPG of all time.
WWF games 2001-01-05
which game do u like the most.
Final Fantasy 7! 2001-01-01
A poll about Final Fantasy 7!
Get your say in what's the best Game system! 2000-12-27
Have you ever argued with someone over what's the best game system? Well get your say and vote fo...
Final Fantay: 8 was great, but 7 is heaven! 2000-12-24
Answer the worlds biggest question! What's better Final Fantasy 7 or 8? (Isn't it obvious 7 is be...
Final Fantasy Freaks 2000-12-21
Are you a Final Fantasy Freak? Can you hum the theme music in your head? Or do you sing it out lo...
Final Fantasy VII Weapons 2000-12-14
This is just a poll to see which is the best ultimate Weapon in FF VII.
PWSE Championship Sim Poll 2000-12-04
Vote for your favorite sim - the winner becomes the PWSE World Heavyweight Champion!
Media vs. Games 2000-09-12
Many people, like the press, are looking for a scapegoat to point a finger at about all the schoo...
Games 2000-05-30
How well do you adventure in the entertainment of games? Answer these questions below. For all ...
Palladium® 2000-05-21
This poll ain't for the non-gamer, rather anyone interested in Rifts® and other Palladium® systems
Dumb Final Fantasy Poll 2000-04-13
This poll is devoted to all Final Fantasy games /I have ever played... :)/
EA Sports Poll 2000-03-02
Here's the monthly EA Sports poll:
Elven Subrace 2000-02-22
There are 6 Elven Subraces in Dungeons and Dragons.
Action Figures Survey 1999-07-25
Do you collect 12" G.I. Joe, Captain Action, Ultimate Soldier, or other 12 inch Action Figur...