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Super Smash Bros Poll 2001-09-08
This is a super smash bros poll designed for super smah bros king 0.
Resident Evil 1.5 2001-08-21
for all the fans of resident evil you know that this game was the first resident evil 2 but you k...
X-Box: Will It Last? 2001-08-20
How Long wll the X-Box Last?
Final Fantasy Everything 2001-08-19
Final Fantasy is the greatest game series of all time and this poll i hope will be the most complete
Xbox, Gamecube, PS2; The Console Wars 2001-08-06
Vote for your favorite console and console features to find out which you will buy the November 2...
Video Game Systems 2001-08-02
Game Boy Advance RPG Poll 2001-07-19
This poll contains many questions about Role Playing Games on the Game Boy Advance. Please take ...
Final Fantasy Villains poll 2001-07-10
there are loads of polls just for the final fantasy heros,but what about the villians(note,this o...
Finally a good Final Fantasy Quiz 2001-07-08
Hello.. i've noticed the other quizes have left many things out.. Like having all that games favo...
Greatest Comic Book Superhero Battles 2001-07-03
Any fan of Comic Book Superheroes has probably wondered who would win some of the battles between...
Final Fantasy Series Poll 2001-06-26
Here is a poll about some stuff in Final Fantasy games.
Games of Westwood's C&C universe.
Final Fantasy VII and VIII Poll 2001-06-05
Welcome, all Final Fantasy VII and VIII fans! Please breeze through and answer all these question...
Next Generation Console Wars!!! 2001-05-29
Who will be the victor and win supremacy in the Next Generation console wars?
Poll of the month 2001-05-15
Choose the strongest Pokemon.
What do you think of games? Tell us what you think? I would love to know!
The God War in RWK 2001-04-28
Ok do you want it or not thats the big question. Are you willing to put forth the effort and abid...
Aardwolf (Clans) 2001-04-26
Aardwolf r rox, so vote on how much roxing it is, rox! DoH r sux though. Sux!
Roll Playing Evil? 2001-04-26
I am a christian who thinks roll playing is fun and don't see what is evil about it.
Aardwolf Poll 2001-04-26
Warning: The Weasels are Watching.
Greatest Video Game Heroine of ALL TIME 2001-04-16
Who is the coolest virtual godess ever? Don't choose them just for looks alone...
Thief: The Dark Project & Thief II: The Metal Age 2001-03-28
All right you Taffers--the Builder will guide me to thee, so quit hiding and take this poll! :-) ...
Your Favorite Final Fantasy Chick 2001-03-23
Okay peeps! This is where you come in! All you have to do is fill out this simple poll to decide ...
What is your favorite Video-Game 2001-02-24
Please select one game.
All-Time FAVORITE Games 2001-02-09
Do you play card or board games in person with real people? If so, this poll is for you. <p&...