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WWF/WCW/ECW Video Games 2002-02-20
Choose your favorite Wrestling Games of all time.
Diablo 2002-02-18
Which is the best, and why do you like it
What is the all the time greatest beat 'em up??? 2002-02-14
What is the best beat 'em to you so far???? Sorry if I miss any out but I will name the most kno...
What are good games 2002-02-12
What are good games for PS2?
Finally a good Final Fantasy Tactics Quiz 2002-02-12
Hey, on my last quiz I forgot out Tactics, but now that I've played FFT and making a site for it ...
Video Game Buttons 2002-02-12
A few questions on face buttons of video game controllers, old and new.
THE Final Fantasy Poll 2002-02-11
Hey everyone. This poll is purely opinionated. It will cover 6 - 10. If there is a question on on...
Heroines of Final Fantasy 2002-02-11
Who is your very favourite heroine of Final Fantasys 7 and 8 and 9 and 10? And why?
AMI ROR Clan 2002-02-11
Is This Clan One Of The Best Age Of Empires: The Rise Of Rome(ROR) Clans?
Gamecube 2002-02-11
HELLO ..This is The Vice Prez and the WINNER of the last poll is........o my..It was a tie betwee...
VG Stuff 2002-02-11
A Super Smash Bros. Melee Poll
+ Hellmouth MUCK + 2002-02-06
Due to the increasing numbers of seasons within the Buffy and Angel universe, we decided to make ...
The Truth about Final Fantasy X 2002-02-04
Final Fantasy X, like the others, is a great game. Check out this poll to compare your favorite ...
Star Wars Poll 2002-02-03
Answer the following Star Wars questions. -Some questions may pertain to the Expanded Universe- ...
Online gambling 2002-01-30
The differences btw online casinos and your more conventional ones in Las Vegas.
The Next gen consoles! 2002-01-30
Who will win the console wars the hefty X-Box the cute GameCube or the sleek PS2
Neo Geo 2002-01-14
ok here is a poll about the Neo Geo system
What is the Best number of ppl to have in a guild? 2002-01-14
What is your favorite system 2002-01-14
what your favorite video game system
How do you like your Video Game controller? 2002-01-09
I am gathering opinions on many aspects of video game controllers, especially the official contro...
Xbox vs. Gamecube 2002-01-09
Decide which system is better over all thorugh a series of questions. Please email me at what-316...
Video Game Poll 2002-01-03
This poll is a survey of general questions targeted to video gamers. This poll also involves the ...
January Poll 2002-01-03
Resolution Poll
What is your favorite game? 2002-01-03
Hi, if you're here than you're probably a FFVII freak just like me. Please e-mail me, because I r...