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Best Survival Horror Game 2002-04-15
ok... all the fans of this kind of game which did you think is the best game that make you jump o...
What sonic character is your favorite? 2002-04-15
Almost every Sonic Character listed. Have fun.
lacrosse for PS&PS2 2002-04-15
We would like to know if you think EA sports should create a lacrosse game for Playstation 1 or 2
UT Vs. Tribes 2 2002-04-09
What do you think is a better game? Tribes 2, or Unreal Tournament?
Game Themes!!!!!!! 2002-04-01
This is a poll for people to say which Game themes they like the most.
Which is the best games and systems? 2002-04-01
Thanks for voting for this poll
Games on the Internet 2002-04-01
I wanted to know about games on the internet
Do you like Renegade or not? 2002-04-01
Command and conquer Renegade Poll
Scorpions games Poll 2002-04-01
Welcome, I have had a few games polls before, and the results were so interesting that i chose to...
Best PS2 Game??? 2002-04-01
What is your favorite PS2 game that has come out so far?
What game has the best music? 2002-03-27
From Sonic 1 to SA2B, It's time to name games.
LAN Party 2002-03-27
Which of the fallowing games do you most enjoy playing at a LAN party?
Next Generation Video Game Systems 2002-03-20
What do you think is the better video game system?
RPG Madness 2002-03-20
Vote on your fave. RPG!
Final Fantasy For Ever! 2002-03-15
Questions about the FF's for all diehard fans. D'oh! Left Freya out of list! Sorry about that! (2...
The new video games poll 2002-03-15
Ok, so this is a poll on the videogames...
Magic the Gathering 2002-03-14
No one actuall reads this section so I won't waste my time writing it.
This Poll For ultimate gamers olny.
The Chrono Controversy 2002-03-11
This poll debates Chrono Trigger for Super Nintendo and Chrono Cross for Playstation.
Xbox, GameCube, Playstation2 2002-03-08
This is a serious survey conducted to assertain the opinions of consumers on the rapidly expandin...
Role-playing non-computer games 2002-03-08
Role-playing, non-computer games.
What Warhammer 40K armies to you play and how many points? 2002-03-08
Warhammer is a series of strategic wargames produced by Games Workshop. Please enter this poll o...
Copying Console Games 2002-03-04
Ok, everyone knows that you can make backups of some console games. (PSX,DC,PS2)
Computer Games 2002-03-04
A poll about comp. games, more to come soon
Strip Games 2002-03-04
I love to play strip poker.