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What's tha best game of 2002? 2003-01-03
What's tha best game of 2002?
The FFX Freaks' Quiz 2003-01-03
Think you are a real FF10 Freak? Try this!
Pathetic Grandia Poll 2003-01-03
grandia I poll!
James Bond: Agent Under Fire Poll 2003-01-03
My poll is just about who people like from the game James Bond: Agent Under Fire game. So pick yo...
The Sims 2003-01-03
I like farm animals and I think that it would be cool if the sims madea an expansion pack with so...
EXCLUSIVELY Final Fantasy VI 2003-01-03
Every Final Fantasy poll on this website is a poll that includes several, if not all of the games...
What is your favorite thing to do in GTA: Vice City? 2002-12-16
Click the circle which follows your thing to do in Vice City
Mortal Kombat Forever 2002-12-16
Who is your favorite fighter of all time? What do you think of the new game? Which game was the b...
The Game of the year 2002-12-02
Welcome to my 2002 games of the year poll and also vist my message board at <a href="htt...
qualities of guild members 2002-11-22
What do you want your guild members to be like?
Christmas List 2002-11-22
Time to pick your favorite games for the season.
Favorite 80's Nintendo Game? 2002-11-22
Gray is my favorite color.
Favorite Type of Videogame 2002-11-22
Haha! Which of these types of viseo games is your all time favourite? there are other question...
Zelda: Majora's Mask poll 2002-11-16
Everything majora's mask
Breeders' Cup Pick 6 Scandal 2002-11-15
How do you feel about wagering on the Pick 6 now in light of the Breeders' Cup scandal? What chan...
Bets GTA Game 2002-11-15
What is the best GTA game?
New system games 2002-11-15
About the games of PS2, Xbox, and gamecube
The ultimate video gamers' poll. 2002-11-14
If you love video games and wish to make them better, then this is your poll.
Ultimate Video Game Poll Part 1 2002-11-06
Do not bother taking this poll if you don't play video games. But if you ever have in the past, o...
The Whitewolf Gehenna and World of Darkness Poll 2002-10-28
I looked, and couldn't find one...anywhere on the freaking internet...so I decided to make one. ...
PS2-Xbox-Gamecube 2002-10-28
This is a poll about the 3 newest gaming systems
Classic VS. New RPGs 2002-10-28
Which do you like better the classic role playing games or the new ones?
Should Halo be made into a movie? 2002-10-17
Halo came out for the Xbox in 2001 and will be coming out for PC/Mac in the Summer of 2003. Shou...
Squaresofts Kingdom Hearts 2002-10-17
I Suggest you play the game before you take this poll
How do you do it? 2002-10-17
Hi, this poll is designed for the purpose of gathering information. I am working on a project at...