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Video Game Poll 2003-02-10
Choose which is the best system and games ect...
Video Games 2003-02-09
What is your favorite game systems
While considering genre, choose the best games on this list 2003-02-09
I love this poll. Time to throw the ratings, the sales charts and your personal favorites out th...
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance poll 2003-02-09
I'm trying to get a scope for what people think about deadly alliance. Personally I think its one...
Games 2003-02-09
Choose your Favorites System
What kind of gamer are you? 2003-02-02
This poll is about what kind of gamer you are?
Best guest character in Soul Calibur II 2003-01-30
Namco is doing a great job of bringing the big three closer to the same level. However, do you t...
What game is your favorite 2003-01-27
Tekken Tag Tournament 2003-01-27
Just a few questions about the great PS2 game Tekken Tag Tournament
Favorite Squaresoft RPG 2003-01-27
We all know Squaresoft for their amazing RPGs right? But what is your favorite?
Which console? 2003-01-15
which is better
games 2003-01-15
this poll is about what type of games people like yourselves enjoy
Extreeeeemely good Gaming poll 2003-01-14
The poll about great games
legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time 2003-01-12
I've started to play again at this game last week and I can tell you this game is unic. For the f...
The Best Game Ever Poll 2003-01-04
What is the best computer-game you have ever played?
What's tha best game of 2002? 2003-01-03
What's tha best game of 2002?
The FFX Freaks' Quiz 2003-01-03
Think you are a real FF10 Freak? Try this!
Pathetic Grandia Poll 2003-01-03
grandia I poll!
James Bond: Agent Under Fire Poll 2003-01-03
My poll is just about who people like from the game James Bond: Agent Under Fire game. So pick yo...
The Sims 2003-01-03
I like farm animals and I think that it would be cool if the sims madea an expansion pack with so...
EXCLUSIVELY Final Fantasy VI 2003-01-03
Every Final Fantasy poll on this website is a poll that includes several, if not all of the games...
What is your favorite thing to do in GTA: Vice City? 2002-12-16
Click the circle which follows your thing to do in Vice City
Mortal Kombat Forever 2002-12-16
Who is your favorite fighter of all time? What do you think of the new game? Which game was the b...
The Game of the year 2002-12-02
Welcome to my 2002 games of the year poll and also vist my message board at <a href="htt...
qualities of guild members 2002-11-22
What do you want your guild members to be like?