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How fasts is your pc? 2003-05-23
how fats is your pc tell me now?
Best LAN Drink? 2003-05-20
Coke , Diet Coke , Mt Dew , Code Red , Bawls , Pepsi , Diet Pepsi
" HALO 2 " 2003-05-20
This poll presents the game that will blow your mind!!!
Consle Games: Nintendo 64: 1 vs 1 2003-05-20
Which is Better? ShadowGate 64 or Mario Party 2? Super Smash Bro's or Legend of Zelda: Oracle of ...
Which Final Fantasy Is The Best 2003-05-13
Which game do you like more these all may not be actual Final Fantasies but they have the name
Counter-Strike 2003-05-13
Do you play counter-strike?
Best Video Game Series 2003-05-10
What do you think is the best vg series!?!
Video Games 2003-05-07
Poll about Video Games.
**Final Fantasy IX** 2003-05-07
Isn't Final Fantasy IX the best game ever?!!!!!
In StarWars Galaxy Who Will You Be 2003-05-06
This Poll Is To Give Us All An Idea Of What Species, Professions, Starting Planets, And Friends E...
What is your favorite Mario Kart Character? 2003-05-01
What is your favorite character in Mario Kart games?
The Best Smash Character 2003-05-01
Who is the best Smash Brothers Melee Character.
GameCubeClub RPG Poll 2003-05-01
Vote for your favorite RPG series!
sony playstation 2 yuri couples 2003-05-01
this will be about Sony Playstation 2 Yuri couples (yuri is mainley girl/girl) ok mostly FF
Star Wars galaxies 2003-05-01
Please choose what profession you plan to play in star wars galaxies, what race, planet and allig...
PCs vs. Next Gen. Consoles (Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube): Part I 2003-04-21
Take your side and vote for your favourite games platform! Lets go to WAR!
Diablo2 poll 2003-04-15
Just answer the questions
Playstation 2 2003-04-09
Welcome to my poll, I just need you gamers to complete this poll so that I can research what kin...
Kingdom Hearts 2003-04-09
Welcome to my poll! I am researching the game, so I need a bit of how good and how bad the game i...
Why people think Xbox sucks 2003-04-08
Find out what what parts of xbox people hate.
Gary Kasparov VS Bobby Fisher 2003-03-28
Gary Kasparov VS Bobby Fisher
Dance Dance Revolution Song 2003-03-19
DDR, or Dance Dance Revolution, is a great game, no? but what is the best song? I bet you got a...
DDR Poll 2003-03-18
Yes, well it is an awesome game, that is why I have to make a poll about it, or another one at le...
Usa vs Japan 2003-03-18
Terry Bogard vs Kyo Kusanagi
Gran Turismo 3 2003-03-18
What do you think about GT3? Is it cool? Does it completely suck? Whatever you think about, sa...