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Unreal Tournament poll 2003-07-02
a poll for ut players everywhare (ut players only please
The Sims. 2003-06-30
The Sims.
Favorite BG2 classes 2003-06-30
BG2 (Baldur's Gate 2) is a pretty good DnD game that a lot of people like. I'm making this poll t...
What is the best class in EQOA?? 2003-06-29
My cusion can't decide what class is the best class in Everquest Online Adventures and wants to k...
Kingdom Hearts 2003-06-25
Kingdom Hearts Questions
Who would win? 2003-06-25
If all these neat game characters were to encounter each other in a giant tournament, who would win?
Final Fantasy 10 The Movie (ffx) 2003-06-24
If there was a FFx movie who should play who? I need some more ideas, so write some on the talk a...
Bust-A-Groove 2003-06-23
Vote on stuff about the video games Bust-A-Groove 1 and 2.
Best games consoles. 2003-06-20
If you know which console is for you take part to prove its rightful place in the gaming world!
What PC game do you play the most? 2003-06-18
How many ppl play these games.
Best PC Game 2003-06-18
Best PC game
Best GameCube game 2003-06-18
best GameCube Game
Best Xbox Game 2003-06-18
Best Xbox Games
Best PS2 Game 2003-06-18
Best PS2 Game
Best console war 2003 2003-06-18
Vote for you favorite system
Final Fantasy Music Poll 2003-06-18
Okay, this is a poll to determine which Final Fantasy has the best music. Enough said.
Star Craft ¤Pole¤ 2003-06-10
So, What's your favorite units? Your #1 Strategy? The Best Heroes? C'mon I wanna know. Check out ...
Quake vs CS 2003-06-10
To see your most favourite one.
favorite Blizzard and Westwood game 2003-06-06
just to see which games do you prefer
Super Smash Brothers vs. Super Smash Brothers Melee 2003-05-30
Which do YOU think is better: the original Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo 64, or Super Smash B...
Which do you prefer? 2003-05-28
Computer games or video games?
Favorite RollerCoasters? 2003-05-28
This is a survey to see which kind of roller coasters are the most popular--which kind I should a...
What Is Your Best XBL Games? 2003-05-23
This poll tells u the best games people like.
What Is your best game on the gamecube? 2003-05-23
tell me your best game on the gamecube?
What Game should have a sequel? 2003-05-23
tell me what game should have a sequel?