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The enormous game poll (new questions ^_^) 2003-07-31
This poll does not only have questions on computer games or video games, but also on card games, ...
Who is the best Super Smash Bros. Charachter 2003-07-29
I just got this game and I wanted to know who i should getgood with.
Who is Your Fav. FF character??? 2003-07-29
What are your favorite characters???
Character Battle 2003-07-29
Battle of Gaming Characters!
FFX Web Poll 2003-07-29
Please say what u thaught the best final fantasy was.
An Excellent Myst III: Exile Poll 2003-07-25
A very good Myst III:Exile Poll
Final Fantasy Poll 2003-07-25
Like me and many out there, love Final Fantasy, so here it is, a Final Fantasy Poll!
The Giant Clash of Game Characters (Round 1) 2003-07-24
OK, I've generated some fair fights between game characters, and the winners will progress furthe...
XBox vs PS2 vs Gamecube 2003-07-22
Who rules supreme? Please answer truthfully, or else it will just be pointless
Final Fantasy Tactics, 7, 8, and 9 poll 2003-07-16
Rating Final Fantasy tactics, 7, 8, 9 compared to each other (favorite summon, etc.).
The Legend of Zelda poll 2003-07-16
Pick your favorite villans the Zelda games
Metroid poll 2003-07-16
What is your favorite Metorid bosses
Gamecube questions 2003-07-16
Why do you like the gamecube? Tell me why here.
Finally a LONG Final Fantasy Poll 2003-07-16
Yay, a long Final Fantasy poll! Lo and behold, every FF maniac.
Fav. video game type 2003-07-16
Fav. video game type
Legend of Zelda Freaks! 2003-07-16
Which game of Zelda do you think...
Soul Calibur II 2003-07-15
Updated 7/8/05. Found out about more confirmed characters and that no bonus characters will be re...
Castlevania 2003-07-15
Updated, since Lament of Innocence is out.
The ULTIMATE Final Fantasy IX poll. 2003-07-09
An excellent, fairly long and fun poll, detailing mainy final fantasy IX opinions.
The Classic Gamers Poll 2003-07-08
Welcome! I spent a lot of life gaming and I have found that gaming back in the nes sega supernint...
Final Fantasy Game 2003-07-08
your favorite
Rate the following games 2003-07-08
Yep, that's right. Rate the following games.
Daily Poll 2003-07-08
I'm trying to build up my site and I need your advise as to what I should add on it.
Chrono Trigger 2003-07-06
If you haven't played this game you've really missed out.
best games!!! 2003-07-02
these are the games i like from each console, pick your favorites.