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Final Fantasy S Generation 2003-09-11
What do you think of the sony generstion of Final Fantasy?
Game Awards 2003-09-09
OK, folks, I'm gonna find out which 100 games you people here on Misterpoll like the most (and le...
The GTA3 poll 2003-09-08
This is, obviously, a GTA3 poll.
Systems 2003-09-08
Ever get in a fight with your friends of which system is better? Heres what other people have to ...
Magic cards 2003-09-03
This is a poll about magic cards. (obviously)
Types of PS2 Games 2003-09-03
The Xperts Asking:
Games-mate product research 2003-09-02
I am doing some market research for a new product. A games-mate with a double electronic die and ...
Video Game System Poll 2003-09-02
There have been so many good game systems over the years. I want to know what people prefer. I wi...
Final Fantasy 7 2003-09-01
This poll is basically about final fantasy 7.It's quite long, but i'm sure you'll like it!!
Final Fantasy X 2003-08-31
Final Fantasy X
Character Battles 2003-08-28
All your favorite video game characters battling it out for the ultimate character championship! ...
Metal Gear Solid 2003-08-26
I am a huge Metal Gear Solid fan, so I decided to make a poll about it.
Which gaming system is the best GAMECUBE, xbox, or the ps2 2003-08-26
Tell the world what you think
The Great Midway Arcade Treasures Battle 2003-08-26
Midway Arcade Treasures is a classic arcade compilation containing 25 arcade games. It'll be rel...
Battle of The Marvel Universe 2003-08-26
The characters of Marvel battle it out for ultimate supremacy
Halo 2003-08-19
Halo is the greatest game ever created in my opinion, so Ive made a poll only on Halo
Dc vs Capcom 2003-08-18
This is My first poll so please bare with me now.
Warcraft vote 2003-08-13
This is the vote of warcraft. Wha.
Metroid: Xtinction 2003-08-13
The Battle To See The Dominant Species In A Terrifying Clash Of Titans!
The Giant Clash of Game Characters Round 2 2003-08-10
No, this is NOT the same poll as the first one! This is round 2. Have fun posting!
poll by andy on games 2003-08-02
hi my poll is about games.
Clan eX Poll 2003-08-02
Clan eX Poll
The Warhammer 40K Harlequin Poll! 2003-08-02
I have recently acquired a Harequin army and I want to get the scoop on what other people think a...
Ultima Game Poll 2003-08-02
This is a game poll, okay?
Heroes III poll 2003-08-02
Yes, this is a Heroes III poll.