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World Of Warcraft 2003-10-28
When will WoW come out?
Super Mario Tournament (stage 1) 2003-10-28
This is something I made awhile ago on my old website, but never got finished due to low traffic....
The Legend of Dragoon 2003-10-20
Just finished the game. Enjoy the poll
Favorite RE Game 2003-10-19
Choose your favorite Resident Evil game.
best rts games 2003-10-14
i want to which one is worth buying.
What is you favorite gamecube game 2003-10-13
I play gamecube and I want to see what games you like best.
Dance Dance Revoution 2003-10-10
I was just curious if the DDR craze was still going strong or going, going, gone.
Street Fighter 2 Turbo Hyper Mega Match Limited Edition 2003-10-10
Here be a poll on Street Fighter.
Finnally a Saga Frontier2 poll 2003-10-09
This game and poll rules!
Zelda Poll 2003-10-08
Of all the games I have played, the Zelda series are my favorite. So, here's my first poll about it.
Are you a Player Killer 2003-10-07
Are you a Player Killer in Diablo
PC Gaming 2003-10-07
This is about PC games and excludes the PS2 and GameBox area.
Xbox Upcoming Games 2003-10-07
This poll shows the best upcoming game for xbox
Monkey Island 2003-10-07
This poll is about Monkey Island and all that it consists of.
Sonic Vs Mario 2003-10-02
The blue hedgehog or the fat plumber- u decide
Games 2003-09-29
This poll is about some games that I think are good!:)
New Smash Bros. Game 2003-09-27
Ideas for a 3rd Super Smash Bros. game
Resident Evil Apocalypse 2003-09-26
wanna c how much u all r waiting to c apocalypse.
Greatest Villians 2003-09-19
Pick your favorite villian from their retrespective realities
PSP vs. Game Boy Advance SP 2003-09-19
Vote for which portable handheld you think is best.
Charcacter Battles 2003-09-18
These are matches for great rivalries
Link the Hero of Zelda games 2003-09-18
The different Links that are featured throughout the Zelda series are going to be fully equipped ...
The Best WWE Or Wrestling Game Ever 2003-09-18
Vote to decide the greatest wrestling game of all-time!
Gannondorf Vs Gandalf 2003-09-11
understand these guys powers befor you vote, read on the legend of zelda web site and know the Lo...
Final Fantasy SNES Generation 2003-09-11
Final Fantasy on the super nintendo.