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Best Kingdom Hearts Game! In your opinion of course... 2012-07-27
Just choose your favorite Kingdom Hearts Game.
Mass Effect 1 on PS3 2012-07-26
Just a quick poll to see if people think ME1 should be released on PS3.
Streets of Rage returning characters 2012-07-23
Streets of Rage returning characters
Lucky Tales Tek Logan Nanny/Stepmother Sim Contest 2012-07-23 (closed)
Choose the live-in nanny for Tek Logan, who stars in the YouTube Video Series for The Sims 3. Sin...
Would you play a separate server dedicated to RS 2004-2007? 2012-07-20
Would you play a separate server dedicated to RS 2004-2007?
SkyCity Name Change 2012-07-11
SkyCity Name Change
Gaming over time 2012-07-10
What do you think about old, middle, and new games.
Gaming ratings 2012-07-10
1-10. For a .5, click the stuff it's in between, and you can mean just the games or all types of ...
ilvl63 weapon damage estimation 2012-07-09
For each ilvl63 weapon you identify, please vote 0, 1, or 2 times in the first group and once in ...
What do you want me to make? 2012-07-09
Choose ONE option please!
Zoo and Rollercoaster tycoon-Have you evers 2012-07-09
Different questions on things you have done.
Which Map would you play on THAT'S NOT SG OR CS? 2012-07-09
Choose one map to play on for the tie breaking game (if necessary). First map is CS, then SG, the...
chess 2012-07-05
This is a poll about the game of chess.
Who is the sexiest female LoL Champion? 2012-07-02
Who is the sexiest female LoL Champion?
Which Planetside 2 Faction? 2012-07-02
Which Planetside faction is the ultimate? the militaristic Terran Republic? or the freedom fighte...
Smash Bros 4 Giant Poll 2012-06-29 (closed)
Vote for your most wanted SSB4 Newcommers. Everybody from Smash Bros Brawl is excluded. *If you ...
what if war 2012-06-28
who would win in a war between U.S.Army and U.S.M.C
Fly Like a bird 3 Game 2012-06-25
Fly like a bird 3 on gamevial, what you do, what you know, and how you play.
Would you like to see mp_marketcenter implemented into CG and other leagues/ladd 2012-06-20
mp_marketcenter was backed by a lot of community members, a lot of people enjoyed playing it - it...
What Should I Play Next? 2012-06-20
Thought I would branch out to my Youtube viewers and let them have some input as to what I should...
E3 Favorites 2012-06-19
E3 '12 just finished. Now what's you're favorites?
3DS vs PSP 2012-06-12
which is better overall in 1. graphics 2. gameplay 3. features
Website Update 2012-06-11
Please choose some of the different options that i have listed here for a new website theme and b...
Questions for people who play video games. 2012-06-11
Questions for people who play video games.
Game Launch Questions 2012-06-08
Questions about events and other promotions prior to a game's release and on its release date.