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Favorite Mario Games 2012-11-17
Vote for your favorite Mario games.
Your favorite Portal character? 2012-11-12
..And general objects thrown in as there are so few characters. Couldn't help but notice that the...
Which NES games should Benobot99 and Morgan play first during the 24-Hour stream 2012-11-12 (closed)
CHOOSE 5. Which NES games should Benobot99 and Morgan play first during their 2nd 24-Hour NES Mar...
Minecraft VS Roblox 2012-11-07
The battle. Choose a side.
Roblox Vs. Minecraft 2012-11-07
Which sandbox game is better?
What do you think of my Mario RPG? 2012-10-29
Well? Can you guys vote so that I know to update it better?
Deciding name for druid wow character help decide.. Treeouts (from the movie longest yard) Ca...
Guys, Girls, and video games 2012-10-26
I haven't met a lot of girls personally who play video games. The ones I did see playing video ga...
Sonic poll 2012-10-26
In this poll, you can express your opinion about sonic and sonic games and comics.
The Simmillion Awards 2012 2012-10-22
Voting for your nominees to win the Simmillion awards 2012
Super Smash bros 4 character poll round 3 2012-10-22
It is now round three it was cut to 50 to 30 and 5 characters for a second chance.
Best Final Fantasy battle music 2012-10-22
what is your favorite battle music in all the FF?(These are the most up-to-date games and version...
What Games You Want To See Live On Twitch.TV For Are Next Marathon? 2012-10-22
The Top Votes Will Be In Are Next Marathon. The More Votes, The Longer We Play It! Date Will Be A...
Would you like to win Instagram prizes? 2012-10-22
How would you like it if you were able to enter your Instagram photos daily for a chance to win g...
Iphone 4s vs 5 2012-10-22
I am going to get an iPhone 5 and was wondering how people compared it to the 4s.
Godzilla Ultraman Gamera: All Monsters Attack Demo poll 2! 2012-10-22 (closed)
Who do you want to be the fifth playable character in the demo for the fan made game Godzilla - U...
Should Arcadum the epic medic start streaming? 2012-10-10
I have had a few requests by fans and friends that I should start streaming some "Lets play!...
Which Pokemon should I giveaway?! 2012-10-10
Type in the Pokemon you would like me to giveaway. Make sure the first letter is Capitalized. ...
What age is Halo Reach suitable for? 2012-10-04
I was wanting to get halo reach but i am underage. all my friends have it and I was wondering wha...
Which gaming company is the best? 2012-10-04
I was in the middle of an argument between gaming companies at my school. A bunch of people said ...
Are you good at making dirty truth or dare questions 2012-09-26
Are you good at making dirty truth or dare questions
The Dark Abyss Entry Submission 2012-09-25
Help out the makers of the game in progress by answering a few questions. This was created to s...
The Batman New video games poll 2012-09-18 (closed)
please answer to poll
Call of duty Black ops Perks 2012-09-07
Black ops Perks