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Milk or Orange Juice 2005-06-29
Which is cooler milk or orange juice??
chocolate 2005-07-02
hey there i am doing A-level food and i need answers to my questions for my product study. pleas...
Some Food Favorites 2005-07-19
What kinds of foods do people like and dislike?
Healthy Eating 2005-08-04
We are not always aware of what we eat. More often then not people have no idea what they are act...
Your Diet 2005-08-11
This is a poll about your diet.
Meat In Ya Meal 2005-08-24
what type of meat do u eat most of da time?
Favorite flavor of Pie 2005-08-31
I wanna know what is the most popualr kind of pie
Food 2005-09-02
Would you rather eat Warheads or Mars Bar?
Food 2005-09-02
would you rather eat worms or a snail
i love my pole good foods
The Best Drinks 2005-10-06
This is to determine the best drinks.
whats ur fave thing to eat 2005-10-06
hey yummy votes lol ....
Whats Your Favorite Drink.......... 2005-11-01
Drinking is obviously a great thing so I wanna know what you like.
Best Fast food restraunt 2005-11-07
Im taking a poll about which fastfood restraunt is the best,
FOOD and YOU 2005-11-13
All about Food
What's your Favorite Flavor of ice cream? 2005-12-09
There are so many different flavors of ice cream. How do u decide what's your favorite? Lets go b...
Pepsi or Coca-cola 2005-12-15
The battle between the 2 soda companys which is better
Ice Cream Flavors 2005-12-23
Pick your favorite
Are you a carnivore? 2006-01-11
Check all the meats you have eaten before. (even if you have only tried them once)
Fave foods international? 2006-01-24
I love food. I adore good food, I want to know what is your favourite international food?
Which soda is better? 2006-02-02
Which soda is better?
fish and chips 2006-02-06
Please only take this poll if you like fish and chips
which cheese? 2006-02-12
To determine the most popular cheese.
food and drink 2006-02-13
What the title says
Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut! 2006-02-13
I'm a 6th grader and am doing a science fair project. Please tell me what type of Hershey Kiss y...