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Are YOU a Pepsi or Coca-Cola 2007-01-10
Just vote on yo favorite drink!
McDonalds 2007-01-23
This is a survey to see if pizza was sold at McDonalds would you purchase it?
Your opinion on Junk Food 2007-02-05
Alot of parents have been saying "Junk food is bad" "Don't eat it" but don't ...
Walkers Worcester Sauce Flavour Crisps 2007-03-06
What would you think to a re-launch of Walkers Worcester Sauce Flavor Crisps. Send your comments ...
Coke vs........................ 2007-04-09
Do yu like coke or other kinds of pop?
Hamburgers Vs. Hot Dogs 2007-04-29
Please answer its for a school project!
fast food poll 2007-05-18
fast food
Favorites 2007-06-04
Favorite foods and drinks
Ice Cream Survey 2007-07-28
Take this survey and help out our marketing group!
Spaghetti Bolognese or Shepherd's Pie? 2007-08-04
What meal do you prefer; Spaghetti Bolognese or Shepherd's Pie?
Ice Cream Survey 2007-09-04
This poll just let's me know what most people like having to do with ice cream.
Energy Drink Poll 2007-09-20
We want to know more about your energy drink habits, what you like, what you don't like, etc.
Favorite Ice Cream 2007-10-21
Your favorite ice cream?
Which chocolate? 2007-11-19
This is a little poll to see the favourite chocolates that kids and adults like.
coke vs. pepsi 2007-12-06
do you like coke do you like pepsi
Acne and Food Allergies 2008-01-21
This poll is to see if there is a connection between acne outbreaks and food allergies.
Do you like tomatoes? 2008-02-05
How do you feel about eating tomatoes? By this, we mean fresh tomatoes (slices, wedges, etc.) as...
Best Pudding 2008-04-08
Best Pudding
Dessert/Snack after Dinner 2008-04-09
Dessert/Snack after Dinner
Do you make healthy choices? 2008-04-24
Do you make healthy choices?
What's Your Favorite International Cuisine? 2008-05-22
From the folks at HuggingtheCoast.Com.
What kind of pizza do you like better? 2008-10-20
What kind is better?
Ice Cream 2008-11-07
Undoutebly the BEST Opinion Poll in history.
What do you have for breakfast? 2008-11-07
What do you have for breakfast?
tom's snacks 2009-02-04
a poll about tom's snack foods.