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Peanut Butter Sandwiches 2014-01-16
How do you make your PBJs?
Veganism 2014-07-07
The UltraPoll #1 Topic: Favorite Foods 2015-04-18
The beginning of a series of polls! It would be great if you guys would give me suggestions for p...
Best Soda/Pop Ever Round 2 OVERTIME 2015-09-08
Best Soda/Pop Ever Round 2 OVERTIME
Fast Food Cheeseburgers Made In China Sold In U.S.A. 2015-11-17
Would you buy a cheeseburger that advertised "Made in China" in America at a fast food ...
The conflict of restaurants versus vegans. 2015-12-14
This is to see what you guys think of the situations among them. Just so you know, vegan isn't th...
MomsWhoThink 2016-06-01
Food Preferences 2 (Brand Names Edition) 2001-10-16
Which are your favorite brands of various kinds of food?
International Food Preference 2002-02-18
Because of the inflow of immigrants to the U.S. over the years, immigrants from all over the worl...
Junk Food 2002-05-06
We all love it, whether it is greasy and fried or sweet and crunchy. Cravings are sometimes over ...
Fav. Food/Cuisine 2002-05-31
Fav. Food/Cuisine
Sex and food. (for women) 2003-02-13
What type of restaurants would you like to visit?
How much junk food do u eat? Are you healthy? 2003-12-18
I'm writing an essay on the dangers of junk food and i would really appreciate your vote. Thank you.
fast food 2004-05-04
Do you eat it? Do you like it?
Fast Food---what's your preference? 2004-08-16
Which of the burger joints do you prefer? Pick one.
whats your favorite food? 2004-08-17
sinple question...whats your favorite food?
Favourite food at McDonalds 2004-09-09
I like to eat at McDonalds and was just wondering what other people's favourite food is.
Food allergies 2004-09-13
What food allergies do you have? THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE "INTOLERANCES", LIKE LACTOSE IN...
Fast food restaurant 2004-10-23
When there is no time to cook, fast food is here to save us.
Favourite Food Poll 2005-03-16
Choose your favourite food!
Best Pop Round 5 2005-05-03
Which pop is better?
Snacks 2005-05-13
About...snacks.Your favourite type of bisctuit/sweet/anything really. Y' see, me and my friends h...
Brie: Eat the rind or leave it behind? 2005-05-24
The proper consumption of Brie cheese.
Obesity 2005-05-27
i need these poll responses for a school project.
What has to be on your slice of heaven <AKA pizza> 2005-06-01
What must be on your pizza for you to call it your slice of heaven?