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What would you drink? 2009-04-03
Curious about what people would drink at a picnic in August.
sandwiches 2009-04-13
sandwich poll
mountaindew vs dr. pepper 2009-04-18
mountaindew vs dr. pepper
Crisp Flavours 2009-06-15
Crisp Flavours
vegetarians only (18+) 2009-08-08
vegetarians only (18+)
Jimmy's Burger King Challenge 2009-09-14
Jimmy's Burger King Challenge
BJ vs. Grilled Cheese 2009-11-04
This might be the toughest question I've ever asked myself. Silly? I think not. This one really m...
Crunchy vs. Smooth 2009-12-12
How do you like your peanut butter? rich and creamy, or chunks galore?
Peanuts or cashews? 2009-12-22
Peanuts or cashews?
PB_Burger 2010-01-11
Peanut Butter on a burger. What's the verdict?
Desserts 2010-02-04
Which of these desserts do you prefer? Simple. Just for fun.
Eating habits of Americans 2010-02-05
I would like to know few of Americans eating habits. My theory is that Americans eat fast food t...
Which part of broccoli do you like best? 2010-05-02
Broccoli gets a bad rap as one of the hallmark veggies that people hate. For those of us that do...
Invent Food Quiz 2010-06-08
Which of these food do you wish you invented.
The Best Tasting Beer in the WORLD 2010-06-08
Which beer should be on the throne?
favourite food 2010-09-07
What kind of ice-cream do you like? 2010-09-29
What kind of ice-cream do you like?
Food 2010-11-07
love food? take this poll.
Would you eat the onions after they fell on the floor? 2011-01-10
Would you eat the onions after they fell on the floor?
Hungry Belly 2011-01-18
Hungry Belly
Ultimate chicken nugget dipping sauce 2011-02-26
The definitive go-to sauce
Milk and Vitamins 2011-03-20
Milk and Vitamins
your favorite alcohol 2011-04-22
what alcohol can people stomach
Best Energy Drink 2011-06-22
Just wondering
Bizarre Foods Poll 2011-10-31
Here is a list of what many would consider bizarre foods (while some just consider them delicious...