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Is It All About Chocolate? 2005-08-22
My boyfriend and I were discussing girls obsession with chocolate. He doesn't seem to understand ...
Chopsticks... 2005-08-31
can you eat with them?
Food 2005-09-02
Would you rather eat Warheads or Mars Bar?
Food 2005-09-02
would you rather eat worms or a snail
FAST FOOD 2005-09-19
Tell which fast food chains you prefer
Milk 2005-10-27
This poll is about milk
Whats Your Favorite Drink.......... 2005-11-01
Drinking is obviously a great thing so I wanna know what you like.
Best Fast food restraunt 2005-11-07
Im taking a poll about which fastfood restraunt is the best,
FOOD and YOU 2005-11-13
All about Food
What's your Favorite Flavor of ice cream? 2005-12-09
There are so many different flavors of ice cream. How do u decide what's your favorite? Lets go b...
Pepsi or Coca-cola 2005-12-15
The battle between the 2 soda companys which is better
Coca-Cola or Pepsi 2005-12-19
Coca-Cola or Pepsi
food and drink 2006-02-13
What the title says
Healthy Eating, just how easy is it? 2006-03-23
Ok so it's a new year and you decide this is it, this is the year you bin the junk food and go fo...
Eating habits (For Europeans ONLY!!!) 2006-05-01
We investigate the eating habits of people all over the world to see how healthy is people's diet...
favorite foods and drinks 2006-05-17
this is about food and drinks
Diabetes and Diets 2006-06-01
This poll is to test your knowledge regarding diabetes and diets.
Dr Pepper, Coca Cola, Pepsi 2006-07-06
Which is better? Dr Pepper, Coca Cola, or Pepsi
Ideal Weight 2006-08-26
What is the ideal weight for a 17 year old girl of 5'5"?
Best Dark Chocolate 2006-10-13
I wan't to find out your favourite dark chocolate brand.
Randomness 25 2006-10-13
Totally Random Things
Tortilla Chips Vs. Potato Chips 2006-10-30
if you had to eliminate one kind of chip from the world, what would it be? eh??
My weight 2006-11-23
Ok, so I'm 5'8, and 116 pounds, I feel fat because I'm a model and I'm supposed to be super skinn...
Coke 2006-11-30
This is a poll about how much coke you drink(Coco-cola, pepsi, harboe whatever).
Burger King vs Mcdonalds vs Wendeys 2006-12-04
Greatst fast food poll.