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Eating habits of Americans 2010-02-05
I would like to know few of Americans eating habits. My theory is that Americans eat fast food t...
Bagel Flavors 2010-03-25
Bagel Flavors
favourite food 2010-09-07
What Fast Food Place you perfer? 2011-01-07
Alot of students argue about what fast food place has better food.So on the poll I'm doing is goi...
Would you eat the onions after they fell on the floor? 2011-01-10
Would you eat the onions after they fell on the floor?
Hungry Belly 2011-01-18
Hungry Belly
Milk and Vitamins 2011-03-20
Milk and Vitamins
your favorite alcohol 2011-04-22
what alcohol can people stomach
Best Energy Drink 2011-06-22
Just wondering
Bizarre Foods Poll 2011-10-31
Here is a list of what many would consider bizarre foods (while some just consider them delicious...
Am I FAT??? 2011-11-28
This tells you if you're fat. Obviously.
Food survey for FEMALES 2011-12-05
I just need to know what foods you prefer! This is for a sociology project though, so please be h...
Ice cream flavor? 2011-12-05
Which of these is your favorite?
favorite brand of gum 2012-01-16
what is your favorite brand of gum?
Ice Cream Flavors 2012-05-07
Ice Cream Flavors
What food do you prefer (soda vs. chocolate)? 2012-05-18
I am an experimental economist, and I am collecting information on tastes for an experiment I'm p...
5 Guys vs. In-N-Out - Which has the better burger?? 2012-06-06
5 Guys vs. In-N-Out - Which has the better burger??
Leftover grease: Where does it go? 2012-06-20
What should be done with leftover grease, after cooking?
For French Fry Fans 2012-09-05
Enjoy a plate of fries while taking this poll!
The Ultimate Olive Garden Survey 2012-09-17
Cheers to everything Olive Garden!
Cereal Questionnaire 2012-12-13
This is part of a marketing research for my Business Studies project. Please take part, your age ...
The Ultimate Fast Food Poll 2012-12-27
A poll on fast food
Your Perfect Taco 2013-05-13
How would you make your perfect taco?
Food favourites 2013-10-04
Food favourites
Who poops bigger 2013-12-26
Who poops bigger