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FOOD POLL- MAY 2001 2001-05-19
Hi im making a food pole every month so please get involved and vote! thanks for your time!
American Fast Food 2001-10-16
Pick your favorite fast foods.
Fast Food Conspiracies 2002-05-06
Are fast food companies out to get you?
Favorite foods 2002-06-13
What is your favorite food of all time??
Can the food you eat tell who you are? 2002-08-05
Thank you for your participation in this study. All of your answers will be kept confidential. pl...
Fast Food 2002-09-10
Everyone loves fast food, and by taking this poll, we can find out exactly WHAT you love about it...
Favorite Fast Food place? 2002-11-22
You get fat fast, just like the food.
Chewing someone else's food for them 2003-12-19
Would you do it?
Learning Gourmet Cooking 2005-01-18
Would you, if available, take cooking classes to learn how to make gourmet foods/deserts like you...
Fast Food Consumption 2005-01-31
This is just a little poll to see how often ppl eat fastfood~
slurpee flavours 2005-04-02
what is the your favorite
How Often Do You Eat Chocolate On A Weekly Basis? 2005-07-02
Hi there guys, I'm a food student from the Midlands and I'm studying chocolate for my coursework,...
Food 2005-08-03
Food glorious food...........
Is It All About Chocolate? 2005-08-22
My boyfriend and I were discussing girls obsession with chocolate. He doesn't seem to understand ...
Chopsticks... 2005-08-31
can you eat with them?
FAST FOOD 2005-09-19
Tell which fast food chains you prefer
Favorite Fruit 2005-10-20
Lets see what fruits people like the most.
Milk 2005-10-27
This poll is about milk
Mhmm Chocolate Cake ! 2005-11-01
Chocolate Cake Is Fattening ! Carrot Cake Is Sliming ! Mhmm Chocolate Cake !
Meats 2005-12-26
What kind of meats do you eat and why?
Best Pizza Chain 2006-01-03
This only aplies to large some-what national pie shacks.
Healthy Eating, just how easy is it? 2006-03-23
Ok so it's a new year and you decide this is it, this is the year you bin the junk food and go fo...
What's the best ice cream flavor? 2006-05-03
What's the best ice cream flavor?
What is your favorite ice cream? 2006-05-17
There are lots of ice cream flavors whats your favorite?
Ideal Weight 2006-08-26
What is the ideal weight for a 17 year old girl of 5'5"?