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Poll 2009-07-25
Fast Food 2009-09-15
Wendy's vs McDonalds vs Burger King!
How often do you visit Swensen 2009-09-23
I would like to find out how often does the public visits Swensen
Have Ketchup Packets Wronged You? 2009-10-23
We would like to know how distraught fast food connoisseurs are over the inconvenience of ketchup...
Organic Products 2009-10-26
Organic Products
How often do you eat out for dinner? 2009-12-04
How often do you eat out for dinner?
energy drinks 2009-12-11
energy drinks
Sushi : Yes or No? 2010-03-03
Just want to know if people out there likes or hate sushi ;) i <3333 them!
do you like pie? 2010-04-07
do you like pie?
What Is Your Favorite Jelly Bean Flavor? 2010-04-29
What Is Your Favorite Jelly Bean Flavor?
The Best Tasting Beer in the WORLD 2010-06-08
Which beer should be on the throne?
Favourite Chocolate Bar 2010-06-20
What is your favourite chocolate bar????????
Organic versus conventional food 2010-07-10
Organic versus conventional food
Soda War's 2010-08-21
What's Your Favorite Soda?
Favorite Fast Food Chain 2011-01-28
Which is your favorite out of these three?
Boots shapers...which is tastiest? 2011-03-31
In the U.K, Boots pharmacy has a series of meal deal food which is great for watching weight...bu...
Gum Preference 2011-05-17
Teenagers, What do you look for in a pack of gum? Flavor, price, etc.
The Dream Fast Food Resturant 2011-09-27
Imagine for a moment that you've been given a blank check and the task of creating the greatest f...
fast food 2011-10-10
fast food
Chicken 2011-10-20
papa dough pizza or perfecto pizza 2012-01-25
without ever eating at either pizzeria would you prefer papa dough pizza or perfecto pizza
Beef or Mutton? 2012-02-22
Which do you prefer Beef or Mutton?
I love to eat... haha, what are some of your most delicious foods?
Pop or Soda 2012-04-09
What do you call soft drinks in your area?
Drink it up :) 2012-05-07
Drink it up :)