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Your Favourite Food? 2007-02-13
Everybody's different! Lets compare similar foods and see what comes out on top!
Coca-Cola Vs Pepsi 2007-02-28
the battle of the drinks. yeah. this is ace.
Noodles ( bump *8/4/07 ) Please help! 2007-03-08
This is a poll about noodles, generally regarding the cultural aspect.
What do you perfer? 2007-04-03
What meal would you perfer if you could eat it all day?
Ways with a Banger ( Guys Only ) 2007-04-03
How do you eat a banger?
People's Eating Habits 2007-04-13
I want to see what is most common eating habits.
Fast Food Poll 2007-04-18
This is a poll about fast food.
Favorite Candy Bar 2007-04-24
Hello, I am doing a project for school, so it would be really nice to get numerous participation.
Iced coffee or Hot coffee 2007-04-24
I am doing a Statistics project. Please help me. be honest. I would like to know which one you wo...
What is your fav. ice cream? 2007-05-10
Mine is vanilla with choco sauce. Whats yours?
fast food poll 2007-05-18
fast food
Orange Cookies and Cream Ice Cream 2007-06-19
We are doing a poll to introduce a new product for halloween we need your help. its a cookies and...
Ice Cream Survey 2007-07-28
Take this survey and help out our marketing group!
Coke, or Pepsi? 2007-08-04
Which tastes better?
tasty 2007-09-10
what is most tasty to you?
Coca cola or pepsi 2007-09-14
This is more of a survey to find not just which you like but why and other factors about what you...
Best fast food burgers 2007-09-30
What fast food place has the best hamburgers?
Spritz Cookies 2007-10-02
Do you eat spritz cookies during christmas? Do you eat any sort of christmas cookies?
What would you like to see in a daily multivitamin? 2007-10-02
Health is important to you and sometimes a multivitamin is the only way to achieve your health go...
Favorite Ice Cream 2007-10-21
Your favorite ice cream?
Which feels better? 2007-11-06
Indulging extreme thirst, or extreme hunger?
The EVERY THING POLL 2007-11-19
Everything ever made
Which chocolate? 2007-11-19
This is a little poll to see the favourite chocolates that kids and adults like.
The Best Variety of Jim Beam 2008-01-17
Simply a straw poll t see which variety of Jim Beam is people's favourite.
Best Kind of Egg 2008-01-21
Best Kind of Egg