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Favorite Ice Cream 2005-11-01
There are about a hundred diffrent types of ice cream in the world, from classic vanilla to red l...
Ice Cream Flavors 2005-12-23
Pick your favorite
McDonalds goes Old School 2006-01-09
Imagine if McDonalds had Kool-Aid as a drink option...Think of the possibilities.
The BIG DELICIOUS poll that will send you salivating 2006-01-22
Read the title - that should give you enough info
Fave foods international? 2006-01-24
I love food. I adore good food, I want to know what is your favourite international food?
Which soda is better? 2006-02-02
Which soda is better?
fish and chips 2006-02-06
Please only take this poll if you like fish and chips
which cheese? 2006-02-12
To determine the most popular cheese.
Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut! 2006-02-13
I'm a 6th grader and am doing a science fair project. Please tell me what type of Hershey Kiss y...
Tip for curb side take away? 2006-02-22
My wife and I recently went to a restaurant and weren't sure whether to leave a tip or not.
Favourite Fruit 2006-02-26
This is to see what is the yummiest fruit.
Cheese or Jello? 2006-02-27
I was having an argument with my sister about which is better. So I decided to see what everyone ...
What is your favourite flavour of ice cream? 2006-03-04
This is just... a random poll!
fast foods 2006-03-09
What is your faviot place to eat
Sandwiches!!! 2006-03-12
CAN the sandwich be one's favorite food!?
Late Night Eating 2006-03-23
What is your favorite late night restaurant?
Favorite Ice Cream store 2006-03-24
I am wondering if people prefer Dairy Queen or Braums.
Asking one simple question 2006-03-30
just asking a simple question
Food Contamination Phobias 2006-03-31
What does it take to make you abandon a dish?
Sweet tooth 2006-03-31
A poll about everything sweet! From chocolate to ice cream to chocolate ice cream!
Perfect Restaurant 2006-04-04
This poll has to do with the project to create the perfect restaurant. It is the first of many to...
The Help-Gina-with-her-Art-Project Poll 2006-04-25
I'm working on an art project about emotional eating. I need your help in determining what the po...
Pies 2006-04-26
For all you pie-lovers round the world, help us solve the culinary world's biggest debate...
Milk or Dark Chocolate 2006-04-28
Which type of chocolate do you prefer?
eating disorder poll 2006-05-01
heyy id would super appreciate it if you took this for me. its for my sophy project ! thanksss :]