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Pies 2006-04-26
For all you pie-lovers round the world, help us solve the culinary world's biggest debate...
Milk or Dark Chocolate 2006-04-28
Which type of chocolate do you prefer?
eating disorder poll 2006-05-01
heyy id would super appreciate it if you took this for me. its for my sophy project ! thanksss :]
Wendy's Frosty 2006-05-09
What is it???
Dr Pepper, Coca Cola, Pepsi 2006-07-06
Which is better? Dr Pepper, Coca Cola, or Pepsi
What is your favourite drink? 2006-07-08
Find out what the uks favourite drink is.
Randomness 22 2006-07-20
Totally Random Things
Food Rox! 2006-08-11
Yum! Food!
Classic Coke/Pepsi 2006-09-22
Granola bars: crunchy or chewy? 2006-09-25
whick is better? crunchy or chewy granola bars
Pizza Buffet 2006-10-02
This poll is just made to find out how Xtreme u go in Pizza Buffets
Candy Bar 2006-10-09
Your favorite types of candy.
Short-time poll 2006-10-13
This poll is just on here for more immediate results and will not be on for long. Cast your vote ...
Wedding Cake 2006-10-25
Looking to find out if people are trendy or traditional. What's you cake-Q for the wedding?
How do you decide where to eat tonight? 2006-11-13
Are you going to the same place over and over again? Have you ever saw this restaurant on the st...
Your Favorite FOODS 2006-11-15
Which food do you like the most out of each group?
Randomness 26 2006-11-19
Totlly Random Things
Soft Drinks 2006-11-28
I'm interested in how people feel about different soft drinks(sodas) and what their general thoug...
What does people eat for TURKEY-DAY meals?
Burger King vs Mcdonalds vs Wendeys 2006-12-04
Greatst fast food poll.
Which Drink is better? 2006-12-13
Which Drink of these, do you think tastes the best?
Pop 2006-12-14
your all-time favorite cereal 2006-12-24
What is your all-time favorite cereal that you remember as being your favorite or still may be yo...
Eggs or pie.. 2006-12-28
soda or juice 2007-02-05
do you like soda or juice better?