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favourite Biscuits 2009-12-11 (closed)
Let us know your favourite type of biscuit
STK Steak House 2013-01-03
STK - Not Your Daddy's Steak House. Locations in Atlanta, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Miami, ...
Mastro's Restaurant 2013-05-13
What would you Order?
Sonic 2013-05-13
What's your favorite!?
what cereal? 2013-05-20
all about you and your prefered cereal!
devine creations catering 2014-05-19
Hello, this is my poll that will be used to combine what you are looking for and what I want to d...
Would you buy a nut-free granola bar? 2015-01-02
Just want to see who would buy one.
Fast Food Cheeseburgers Made In China Sold In U.S.A. 2015-11-17
Would you buy a cheeseburger that advertised "Made in China" in America at a fast food ...
Milk Allergy 2005-08-31
Please fill out the following short poll if your child has been diagnosed with a milk allergy.
crab 2007-03-25
Foodland outing Which crab do you prefer?( Choose 3)
Gänse Cereal 2008-06-11 (closed)
There is no such cereal and it was created for a school project. But you could pretend you had ce...
childrens health 2008-07-22 (closed)
childrens health
Beer & You 2009-01-17 (closed)
Beer & You
M/F Survey 2009-05-11 (closed)
Adverts seem to aim at woman but who really uses them
Butter, kept on counter for softer butter, or in fridge? 2010-03-27 (closed)
do you keep your butter on the counter so it's nice and soft, or do you prefer to keep it in the ...
What's Cooking 2010-05-30 (closed)
Vote For Your Favorite Food Ingredients!
Deadguy Ale or Blue Moon? 2010-08-07 (closed)
Which one do you prefer?
Would you eat horsemeat that is humanely processed for human consumption? 2010-09-07 (closed)
Would you eat horsemeat that is humanely processed for human consumption?
Should cadburys bring out their old range of chocolate? 2011-03-04 (closed)
Should cadburys bring out their old range of chocolate?
Coffee Influence 2011-08-06 (closed)
How much influence does coffee have in choosing where to eat for breakfast.
tacos or burritos 2011-09-07 (closed)
do you prefer tacos or burritos?
Sizzler & Pizza Hut "all-you-can-eat" restaurants 2012-01-20 (closed)
Sizzler & Pizza Hut "all-you-can-eat" restaurants
Magna-Spoons 2012-03-15
Question 1.) Do you cook at home? Answer: Yes or No Question 2.) Do you ever have problems wit...
Baby Food 2012-09-14
would you buy this baby food for your baby?
Food you would ADORE 2012-10-04
Great food you will love! Click on the ones you would MOST try!!!!