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The Ultimate Bubba Gump's Survey 2012-09-17
Cheers to everything Bubba Gump's! If you haven't been there yet, just choose what you would orde...
randomness 21 2006-06-29
Totally Random Things
about energy drinks 2009-01-21 (closed)
about energy drinks
What do you think is the best brand for bottled water? 2010-03-03 (closed)
Do like the tap water-based brands (Dasani, Aquafina, Nestle, etc.) more than the others? Or do ...
Dyar Drinking Project 2010-03-11 (closed)
For health class i need a poll of 5 questions about your thoughts on drinking, but you can not be...
Burger Patty 2011-02-17 (closed)
Thin or Thick hamburger patty.
What food do you prefer (yoghurt vs. Mini-Babybel)? 2012-05-18
I am an experimental economist, and I am collectiong information on tastes for an experiment I'm ...
The Ultimate Rainforest Cafe Survey 2012-09-17
Cheers to everything The Rainforest Cafe! If you haven't been to one yet, Just pick what you woul...
The Ultimate Arby's Survey 2012-09-25
Cheers to everything Arby's!
Blue Heaven Restaurant 2013-01-25
Blue Heaven is a fine dining restaurant located in the Florida Keys. Let me know what you would o...
The Swizzle Restaurant 2013-03-19
The Swizzle is a famous restaurant in Bermuda. What would you order?
Restaurant Survey 2013-04-04
We are working on opening a new restaurant in the Toronto area. We would like your input to find ...
cereal questionaire (DO IT ) 2013-05-20
forced to make it, sigh, hi, bye. do it please, thanks x
Finnegan's Pub Universal Orlando 2013-06-05
What would you order?
The conflict of restaurants versus vegans. 2015-12-14
This is to see what you guys think of the situations among them. Just so you know, vegan isn't th...
Genetic Engineering: It's What's for Dinner 2005-05-13
What's in your food? Is it safe?
Whole, Shelled, or Extra Fancy?
Randomness 26 2006-11-19
Totlly Random Things
What would you like to see in a daily multivitamin? 2007-10-02
Health is important to you and sometimes a multivitamin is the only way to achieve your health go...
Community Food Growing in Chorley 2009-01-21
The purpose of this poll is to assess whether there is a demand for community food growing initia...
Merger between Mars and Wrigley 2009-01-24
Mars incorporated and Wrigley Jr. Company have merged on 6th October 2008. I am doing a servey to...
How do you eat your Oreo cookie? 2009-02-26 (closed)
Do you dunk it, twist it, how do you take your cookie?
What's Your Favorite Candy!?!? 2009-05-11 (closed)
Here you can find out which of Mr.Mallomars's candy you like the best!!!
burping 2009-08-31 (closed)
ORANGE JUICE 2009-12-11 (closed)