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what color are fruits? 2005-07-02
my friends and i have been having a debate on these questions, so please help us out!
How many cups of tea? 2005-07-08
How many cups of Tea do you drink in a day?
Kitkat: Orginal VS Chunky 2006-04-14
Is the the new kitkat chunky better or worse than the orginal kitkat we all know and love?? Lets ...
scones!!!!!![@.@] 2006-04-21
how do you pronounce scone?
Diabetes and Diets 2006-06-01
This poll is to test your knowledge regarding diabetes and diets.
Randomness 27 2006-12-11
Totally Random Things
Martinis vs. Mojitos 2007-03-17
This is a poll to put to rest the debate I am having with Holly and Victoria. Please provide you...
Favorite brand of chewing gum? 2008-11-14 (closed)
Which is your favorite?
tom's snacks 2009-02-04
a poll about tom's snack foods.
Which side of a HOVIS biscuit does the cheese go on? 2009-02-10 (closed)
Does the cheese go on the HOVIS side? or Does the cheese go on the flat side?
Sushi Class 2010-03-22 (closed)
JCU's Japan Society is thinking about sponsoring a Sushi Class open to all students. Students wou...
Apples! 2010-05-02 (closed)
Which apples do you like?
Chicken or Beef 2010-07-08 (closed)
Chicken or Beef
If a recipe has a price, how much will it be? 2010-11-01 (closed)
If a recipe has a price, how much will it be?
Favourtie Chocolate Compan 2012-05-23
Favourtie Chocolate Compan
Breakfast Cereals 2013-05-20
Breakfast Cereals
Thoughts on Obesity 2006-01-18
Give us some input on obesity.
ice cream 2006-09-25
favorite ice cream
Best Dark Chocolate 2006-10-13
I wan't to find out your favourite dark chocolate brand.
Wedding Cake 2006-10-25
Looking to find out if people are trendy or traditional. What's you cake-Q for the wedding?
Wine 2006-12-05
This is a survey for a statistic's project.
Food at dance floor 2006-12-18
Questions for the wedding
Graham Survey 2008-03-03
Taste Test
Have you ever put dairy cream on your breakfast cereal? 2009-01-25 (closed)
Cream with the crop? It can be with or without milk (I prefer with). I have a friend who thinks I...
Tumblr Poll. 2009-09-14 (closed)
Tacos or Pizza?