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Favourite food at McDonalds 2004-09-09
I like to eat at McDonalds and was just wondering what other people's favourite food is.
Mhmm Chocolate Cake ! 2005-11-01
Chocolate Cake Is Fattening ! Carrot Cake Is Sliming ! Mhmm Chocolate Cake !
favorite ice cream 2006-09-04
Whats your favorite ice cream? Mines mints chip!
eating Out 2006-10-09
Eating out and your favorite fast food restaurants
Tortilla Chips Vs. Potato Chips 2006-10-30
if you had to eliminate one kind of chip from the world, what would it be? eh??
Which Beer Name Would You Choose? 2008-01-22
Which Beer Name Would You Choose?
The foods in Swensen - Are they satisfactory? 2009-09-23
I would like to find out if the public are satisfied with the varieties in Swensen,and if so whic...
Eating Habits Poll 2009-09-26
To find out some information about typical eating habits at home.
Favorite flavor of Pie 2005-08-31
I wanna know what is the most popualr kind of pie
Food Poll 2005-10-26
This poll is about food so answer some Q? and b happy
Drinking Water 2006-12-18
Do you drink tap water or bottled water and have you ever drank boild water.
McDonalds 2007-01-23
This is a survey to see if pizza was sold at McDonalds would you purchase it?
noodles 2008-07-28
Do You Like Chocolate? 2008-11-30
I am doing a database and i would like to ask a few people about if you like chocolate or not, an...
Feet In Food :) 2008-12-11
Well, I recently went on youtube and typed boots, to see a review of a new pair of Motocross Boot...
Which Variety of Wine do you prefer? 2009-04-03
Curious as to what wine variety people would choose at a picnic.
Favorite foods 2010-02-10 (closed)
Favorite foods
What is your favorite restaurant / Elenas 2011-03-08
This poll is for our english class if you can help us we would appreciate it.
Where to go to lunch 2011-03-12 (closed)
Vote on where to have lunch during March Break.
Gum Preference 2011-05-17
Teenagers, What do you look for in a pack of gum? Flavor, price, etc.
mcdonalds food 2011-10-03 (closed)
what mcdonalds food do you like
The Confectionist's Cookies Poll 2012-04-24 (closed)
Here you can vote on which cookies you enjoy the most or would like to see me make in the near fu...
Doritos vs Lays Chips 2012-10-01
Doritos vs Lays Chips
Welcome To Naked City Pizza Shop 2014-11-24
What would you order? You can only choose one from each section.
Mcdonalds food 2006-06-01
Who would like McDonalds to put salads on their kids meals to encourage kids to be healthy?