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Eating habits of Americans 2010-02-05
I would like to know few of Americans eating habits. My theory is that Americans eat fast food t...
Bagel Flavors 2010-03-25
Bagel Flavors
drinks 2011-12-06
coke or pepsi 2012-01-12
which do you like better coke or pepsi
Beverage Wars round 1 2005-05-26
Which beverage would you choose?
Milk or Orange Juice 2005-06-29
Which is cooler milk or orange juice??
Are you a carnivore? 2006-01-11
Check all the meats you have eaten before. (even if you have only tried them once)
fast food poll 2007-05-18
fast food
Energy Drink Poll 2007-09-30
We want to know more about your energy drink habits, what you like, what you don't like, etc.
5 gum 2007-10-21
Which is the best?
Diet 2007-11-13
how to diet
DIET PEPSI V.S. DIET COKE! 2008-01-31 (closed)
The ultimate battle between good and evil!
Coffee Poll 2008-04-09
This is a poll for our class<br> There are eleven questions and it will take just a few mi...
Food 2009-01-18
What would you drink? 2009-04-03
Curious about what people would drink at a picnic in August.
Crisp Flavours 2009-06-15
Crisp Flavours
Which part of broccoli do you like best? 2010-05-02
Broccoli gets a bad rap as one of the hallmark veggies that people hate. For those of us that do...
Favorite Fast Food places 2012-07-13
Favorite Fast Food places
The Ultimate Fast Food Poll 2012-12-27
A poll on fast food
ICE CREAM 2013-01-07
Fast Food 2002-09-10
Everyone loves fast food, and by taking this poll, we can find out exactly WHAT you love about it...
Cake or Pie? 2005-06-05
Ok, I have been at this for quite a long time, and we still haven't yet figured out which is bett...
How Often Do You Eat Chocolate On A Weekly Basis? 2005-07-02
Hi there guys, I'm a food student from the Midlands and I'm studying chocolate for my coursework,...
would rather....? 2005-07-02
a list of would you rather questions
Gum vs Mints 2008-02-06 (closed)
which is better?