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pies, Their great, aren't they? 2007-08-08
do you like pie? and do you like it scorched? do you like it high or do you...uh...forget it...
favourate food 2008-10-23 (closed)
favourate food
The ultimate beer poll (21 and over) 2009-03-07
The ultimate beer poll (21 and over)
Teenage food habits 2010-03-25 (closed)
I want to know what teenagers like to eat and their food habits just for fun! Spread this to oth...
Leftover grease: Where does it go? 2012-06-20
What should be done with leftover grease, after cooking?
What foods do you eat? 2014-05-16
A poll about popular types of food.
What do you like to eat? 2015-09-14
What do you like from either of these two places
Your favorite soda 2005-06-01
FAST FOOD 2005-09-19
Tell which fast food chains you prefer
Your Favorite FOODS 2006-11-15
Which food do you like the most out of each group?
Coca-Cola Vs Pepsi 2007-02-28
the battle of the drinks. yeah. this is ace.
food 2008-06-16
peoples favorite food (which do you like better)
Being Forced To Eat Against Will 2008-07-05
Being Forced To Eat Against Will
water 2008-09-14
o.k this is a poll about different types of water..... have fun
Best Beer 2008-10-23
Best Beer
Best Squash for Pumpkin Pies 2009-11-07
I have listed different types of winter squash and would like to know which kind people find are ...
What should I make this weekend? 2010-07-08 (closed)
What should I make this weekend?
Branded or private coffee shops 2010-08-25
A study in finding out whether people prefer branded coffee such as starbucks or gloria jeans or ...
coke or pepsi 2012-01-12
which do you like better coke or pepsi
Does junkfood make us happy? 2002-03-30
This poll is for a research paper in my English AP class.
Favourite Fruit 2006-02-26
This is to see what is the yummiest fruit.
Favorite Candy Bar 2007-04-24
Hello, I am doing a project for school, so it would be really nice to get numerous participation.
Coke, or Pepsi? 2007-08-04
Which tastes better?
Do you drink milk daily? 2007-10-08
Milk: some say it's good for you, some not. What's your view? Better yet, what do do drink with...
Labelling Questionnaire 2009-02-04
Hello everyone. I am analysing the effectiveness of current labelling strategy employed by variou...