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If You could only eat one type of food: what would it be? 2005-11-15
If you could physically only eat one type of food & no others were possible, what would you c...
Chocolate or Vanilla 2006-03-25
What is the ultimate flavor?
Movie theater food 2007-10-29
What do you like to eat at the movie theater, and what would you rather eat?
Cakes 2008-10-09
Food favourites 2013-10-04
Food favourites
Farting when you pee (Girls) 2015-01-02
Yeah random, I know. There will be a poll for guys too in the future.
Food Contamination Phobias 2006-03-31
What does it take to make you abandon a dish?
Coca cola or pepsi 2007-09-14
This is more of a survey to find not just which you like but why and other factors about what you...
my weight 2008-07-22 (closed)
my weight
bread 2008-07-29
wich bread do you like better.
Which is the best soda? 2008-12-21 (closed)
Which is the best soda?
Coke vs. Pepsi (poopsi) 2009-05-20 (closed)
What's better?
Which is your favourite chocalate? 2009-10-02
Out of this list of main brand chocalates that have been released in the U.K is your favourite?
Favorite Kinds of Food 2010-12-02
Favorite Kinds of Food
What CANDY you Perfer? 2010-12-17 (closed)
choose what candy you like most.
Fovorite Food 2011-01-10
McDonals, Burger King, Wendys, Pizza Hot
Best Fast food restraunt 2005-11-07
Im taking a poll about which fastfood restraunt is the best,
would you buy it? 2009-04-02
would you buy it?
Where do you buy your ice cream? 2010-07-18 (closed)
Where and why ice cream is purchased!
Favorite Fast Food Place 2011-10-10 (closed)
Favorite Fast Food Place
FOOD POLL- MAY 2001 2001-05-19
Hi im making a food pole every month so please get involved and vote! thanks for your time!
Snack Foods! 2002-12-16
We all love our snack foods. Take this poll and tell everyone your favorite kinds of snacks.
What food would you totally pig out on? 2004-02-23
Being on a diet is hard... sometimes you cheat. Even though you WON'T cheat- if you did, what wou...
Favorite Fruit 2005-10-20
Lets see what fruits people like the most.
Soft Drinks 2006-11-28
I'm interested in how people feel about different soft drinks(sodas) and what their general thoug...