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Genetically Modified Foods 2011-11-21 (closed)
Opinions and knowledge about GM food in the United States
Best Soda/Pop Ever Round 6 FINALS 2016-02-02
Best Soda/Pop Ever Round 6 FINALS
Favorite foods 2002-06-13
What is your favorite food of all time??
Ninja Poll 122: What is your favourite fruit/veggie EVER? 2008-05-24
Ninja Poll 122: What is your favourite fruit/veggie EVER?
Green or Red Jelly Beans? 2008-12-29 (closed)
Green or Red Jelly Beans?
Fiesta 2009-01-21 (closed)
General information to establish what our customers expect from us at Fiesta and what we can do d...
what soda is better 2009-03-28
what soda is better
What beer would you prefer? 2009-04-03
Curious as to what brands of beer, when given limited options, people would choose to drink.
Meats 2005-12-26
What kind of meats do you eat and why?
What is your favorite food? 2006-12-27
What is your favorite food?
Favorite restaurant chain 2007-09-27
What is your favorite restaurant chain?
What is you favorite pizza company? 2009-05-29 (closed)
Which one is it?
Most Common Foods 2009-12-04
This is NOT a favourite foods poll. This is to find out what the most common foods we eat are. Th...
Food Survey for MALES 2011-12-05
I just need to know what foods you prefer! This is for a sociology project though, so please be h...
Sweet Potato Fries or Regular Fries 2015-08-13
What is your favorite type of fries to have with a good burger? Sweet or not?
The Price of Drinks 2008-01-20
Hey folks. What I am curious about here, is what YOU think is a reasonable price for drinks. We...
Breakfast and You 2009-04-30 (closed)
Please take my poll and help me out, it's for a school assignment! This poll asks about what bre...
Desserts 2010-02-04
Which of these desserts do you prefer? Simple. Just for fun.
What Fast Food Place you perfer? 2011-01-07
Alot of students argue about what fast food place has better food.So on the poll I'm doing is goi...
Which food is the best? 2005-09-14
What food do you like?
Do you like tomatoes? 2008-02-05
How do you feel about eating tomatoes? By this, we mean fresh tomatoes (slices, wedges, etc.) as...
Is honey vegan? 2008-06-02
Whether you are vegan or not. Whether you are vegan for animal right, to be green, to be differen...
Favorite Pie 2009-04-09
Favorite Pie
Sushi : Yes or No? 2010-03-03
Just want to know if people out there likes or hate sushi ;) i <3333 them!
which drink is best? 2011-08-06
what drink do you like best, either milk or water.