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Favorite FOODS! 2012-05-07
What food out of the different categories is your favorite? Vote here!
Ice Cream Flavors 2012-05-07
Ice Cream Flavors
Stirring your coffee/tea 2012-04-27
How do you stir you coffee/tea?
A Feast fit for a King! 2012-04-25
Hey guys, who would you like to serve you your supper?
Capricho 2012-04-24
aceptacion de la reposteria modificada en azucar
The Confectionist's Cookies Poll 2012-04-24 (closed)
Here you can vote on which cookies you enjoy the most or would like to see me make in the near fu...
Foods 2012-04-19
Fill in the blanks for these foods question.
Pop or Soda 2012-04-09
What do you call soft drinks in your area?
Magna-Spoons 2012-03-15
Question 1.) Do you cook at home? Answer: Yes or No Question 2.) Do you ever have problems wit...
Grapefruit 2012-03-14
Would you describe grapefruit as bitter or sour?
Ice Cream is Scrumpdilyicious 2012-03-14
Choose which ice cream you like best!!!!!
Stomach growling (girls only) 2012-03-14
This a a poll about rumbling stomachs.
I love to eat... haha, what are some of your most delicious foods?
Questions relating to Japanese Etiquette 2012-02-24 (closed)
I am doing this poll for an Anthropology class. Please answer as truthfully as you can.
Veritas February - What colour of skittles is your favourite? 2012-02-23 (closed)
Veritas February - What colour of skittles is your favourite?
Mc Donalds Super Size ME! 2012-02-22
Mc Donalds Super Size ME!
Beef or Mutton? 2012-02-22
Which do you prefer Beef or Mutton?
TellUs Food!!!!!!!! 2012-02-20 (closed)
TellUs Food!!!!!!!!
Coke or Pepsi? 2012-02-01
Coke or Pepsi?
Sandwichs 2012-01-30
Starting a restaurant, want to know what kinds of sandwiches are prefered in a gourmet setting
papa dough pizza or perfecto pizza 2012-01-25
without ever eating at either pizzeria would you prefer papa dough pizza or perfecto pizza
Sizzler & Pizza Hut "all-you-can-eat" restaurants 2012-01-20 (closed)
Sizzler & Pizza Hut "all-you-can-eat" restaurants
favorite brand of gum 2012-01-16
what is your favorite brand of gum?
Twinkies or Dublin Dr. Pepper? 2012-01-16 (closed)
Twinkies or Dublin Dr. Pepper?
coke or pepsi 2012-01-12
which do you like better coke or pepsi