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Favorite Fast Food place? 2002-11-22
You get fat fast, just like the food.
Rage Against The........ Fast Food 2002-11-15
A friend and I were discussing how if McDonald's claims over a billion sold, how many millions of...
Food 2002-10-03
This poll is about food. Your favorite food, your least favorite food, your favorite restaraunt,...
Fast Food 2002-09-10
Everyone loves fast food, and by taking this poll, we can find out exactly WHAT you love about it...
Can the food you eat tell who you are? 2002-08-05
Thank you for your participation in this study. All of your answers will be kept confidential. pl...
Food fight anyone? 2002-07-18
I've always thought there aren't enough food fights around. Do you agree? Great so who's gonna th...
Favorite foods 2002-06-13
What is your favorite food of all time??
Fav. Food/Cuisine 2002-05-31
Fav. Food/Cuisine
Playing with Fast Food 2002-05-13
About Fast Food Employees
Fast Food Conspiracies 2002-05-06
Are fast food companies out to get you?
Junk Food 2002-05-06
We all love it, whether it is greasy and fried or sweet and crunchy. Cravings are sometimes over ...
Does junkfood make us happy? 2002-03-30
This poll is for a research paper in my English AP class.
Nastiest School foods 2002-03-13
The food at my school is barley fit for consumption how bout yours
International Food Preference 2002-02-18
Because of the inflow of immigrants to the U.S. over the years, immigrants from all over the worl...
GM Food 2002-02-04
This poll is to guage the support or otherwise for the sale of genetically modified food.
Sexy Foods to Watch Women Eat 2002-01-09
This is my first poll, just trying to get used to the system. I think you can figure it out.
American Fast Food 2001-10-16
Pick your favorite fast foods.
Food Preferences 2 (Brand Names Edition) 2001-10-16
Which are your favorite brands of various kinds of food?
FOOD POLL- MAY 2001 2001-05-19
Hi im making a food pole every month so please get involved and vote! thanks for your time!