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Fast food restaurant 2004-10-23
When there is no time to cook, fast food is here to save us.
Food allergies 2004-09-13
What food allergies do you have? THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE "INTOLERANCES", LIKE LACTOSE IN...
Favourite food at McDonalds 2004-09-09
I like to eat at McDonalds and was just wondering what other people's favourite food is.
What's You're Favourite Food? 2004-08-29
What's You're Favourite Food?
whats your favorite food? 2004-08-17
sinple question...whats your favorite food?
Fast Food---what's your preference? 2004-08-16
Which of the burger joints do you prefer? Pick one.
Questions about fast food 2004-07-06
What do you think of fast food? or the staffs in restaurants?
Fast Food 2004-06-22
I want to survey how much fast food permeate into our daily lives. Please poll.
FAST FOOD 2004-06-07
The fast food industry needs some sort of motive to change its unsanitary ways.
Organic Food Survey 2004-05-23
What are your thoughts on organic foods?
fast food 2004-05-04
Do you eat it? Do you like it?
Breaking the Fast Food Fast 2004-03-23
Friday, March 19th will be the 30th day since I gave up fast food. To reward myself for my willpo...
What food would you totally pig out on? 2004-02-23
Being on a diet is hard... sometimes you cheat. Even though you WON'T cheat- if you did, what wou...
Chewing someone else's food for them 2003-12-19
Would you do it?
How much junk food do u eat? Are you healthy? 2003-12-18
I'm writing an essay on the dangers of junk food and i would really appreciate your vote. Thank you.
What's Your Favorite Food? 2003-11-28
What is your absolute fave food out there?
Fast Food Poll 2003-11-12
This is a poll to find out where you would go in the morning to get fast food!! Please have a go...
Genetically Modified Food 2003-07-08
With the development of genetic engineering, it was only a matter of time before scientists began...
Fast Food or Deli 2003-05-14
Is Subway a Deli or a Fast food store
Best & Worst Fast Food Restaurants 2003-04-24
Vote here to share your opinion about Fast Food Restaurants, Diners, Drive-Thru, Burgers, Pizza, ...
Sex and food. (for women) 2003-02-13
What type of restaurants would you like to visit?
Fast Food 2003-02-09
When time, money, and quality are a factor, which would you normally choose?
Food in schools 2003-02-08
I am doing a project and want to know how many people would eat more at school if food from fast ...
School Food... yum. 2003-01-21
school food, yummy or yucky? you tell us.
Snack Foods! 2002-12-16
We all love our snack foods. Take this poll and tell everyone your favorite kinds of snacks.