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Chicken Nuggets! 2005-06-28
Hi, I am doing a poll for a class concerning chicken nuggets!! Please help me by taking my short...
PDQ Chocolate Mix 2005-06-17
PDQ Chocolate Mix was my favorite drink as a kid but all of the sudden it was gone. Just wanted ...
Multi-Cultual Food 2005-06-17
Have you ever held a party and had multicultual food. What was it like?
McDonalds & Me 2005-06-14
I'm doing my research thesis on McDonalds reputation and I need people to help me out.
Cake or Pie? 2005-06-05
Ok, I have been at this for quite a long time, and we still haven't yet figured out which is bett...
Your chance for a healthier lifestyle 2005-06-05
For women only. Use this poll to motivate you to cut out some bad habits. Think of it as a virtua...
What has to be on your slice of heaven <AKA pizza> 2005-06-01
What must be on your pizza for you to call it your slice of heaven?
Your favorite soda 2005-06-01
Which Do You Prefer? 2005-05-31
Carissa's Online Poll
Obesity 2005-05-27
i need these poll responses for a school project.
Beverage Wars round 1 2005-05-26
Which beverage would you choose?
favorite foods-round 1 2005-05-26
lets see what is your favorite food.I am only starting with 16,so if you dont see your favorite.....
Brie: Eat the rind or leave it behind? 2005-05-24
The proper consumption of Brie cheese.
Caffeinism 2005-05-19
A poll to assess the prevalence of caffeinism.
Genetic Engineering: It's What's for Dinner 2005-05-13
What's in your food? Is it safe?
Snacks 2005-05-13
About...snacks.Your favourite type of bisctuit/sweet/anything really. Y' see, me and my friends h...
Obesity 2005-05-05
I need to have some questions done for hw, thats all, its about obesity
Best Pop Round 5 2005-05-03
Which pop is better?
What is your fav. jones soda? 2005-04-26
whatever your fav jones sodas are put them here
Do Strawberries Give You Brainfreeze? 2005-04-21
Strawberries always give me brainfreeze, but my friends say they never do. How about you?
slurpee flavours 2005-04-02
what is the your favorite
Favourite Food Poll 2005-03-16
Choose your favourite food!
Fast Food Consumption 2005-01-31
This is just a little poll to see how often ppl eat fastfood~
Learning Gourmet Cooking 2005-01-18
Would you, if available, take cooking classes to learn how to make gourmet foods/deserts like you...
Favouite Food 2005-01-07
My poll is about to see which foods have the best taste and are the best