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Milk Allergy 2005-08-31
Please fill out the following short poll if your child has been diagnosed with a milk allergy.
Chopsticks... 2005-08-31
can you eat with them?
Favorite flavor of Pie 2005-08-31
I wanna know what is the most popualr kind of pie
Meat In Ya Meal 2005-08-24
what type of meat do u eat most of da time?
Is It All About Chocolate? 2005-08-22
My boyfriend and I were discussing girls obsession with chocolate. He doesn't seem to understand ...
What do you prefer? 2005-08-17
Which foods do you prefer?
Croutons 2005-08-14
I had a salad today, along with my dinner, and, i had croutons with my salad...i cant figure this...
Your Diet 2005-08-11
This is a poll about your diet.
Donuts 2005-08-10
Ever eat Ketchup on a Donut? 1. yes 2 no
Food Fight 2005-08-09
this sounds lame, but i am wicked hungry, so lets do this
Healthy Eating 2005-08-04
We are not always aware of what we eat. More often then not people have no idea what they are act...
Food 2005-08-03
Food glorious food...........
Herbal remedies 2005-07-26
Do you trust herbal remedies?
Ben & Jerry's Anyone? 2005-07-26
Carissa's Online Poll
Pepsi or Coke? 2005-07-21
Pick what you like more.
Some Food Favorites 2005-07-19
What kinds of foods do people like and dislike?
pop or soda 2005-07-11
Do you drink pop or soda
How many cups of tea? 2005-07-08
How many cups of Tea do you drink in a day?
what color are fruits? 2005-07-02
my friends and i have been having a debate on these questions, so please help us out!
would rather....? 2005-07-02
a list of would you rather questions
Fast Food Fries 2005-07-02
who has the best friess
Starbucks 2005-07-02
Hi I am doing a product study on Starbucks Coffee. I need the help of you guys out there to fi...
How Often Do You Eat Chocolate On A Weekly Basis? 2005-07-02
Hi there guys, I'm a food student from the Midlands and I'm studying chocolate for my coursework,...
chocolate 2005-07-02
hey there i am doing A-level food and i need answers to my questions for my product study. pleas...
Milk or Orange Juice 2005-06-29
Which is cooler milk or orange juice??