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Favorite Ice Cream store 2006-03-24
I am wondering if people prefer Dairy Queen or Braums.
Bibs and Restraunts 2006-03-23
I was wondering what people think about restraunt bibs and there sudden disappearance.
Late Night Eating 2006-03-23
What is your favorite late night restaurant?
Healthy Eating, just how easy is it? 2006-03-23
Ok so it's a new year and you decide this is it, this is the year you bin the junk food and go fo...
Your favourite foods! 2006-03-21
What the title says!
do u like chips 2006-03-19
do u lkike chips cus im doin a surver on ho healthy the nation is
Coffee (I NEED MY CAFFEINE) 2006-03-15
Finding out how much we rely on coffee
Sandwiches!!! 2006-03-12
CAN the sandwich be one's favorite food!?
Survey 2006-03-11
Bread things
fast foods 2006-03-09
What is your faviot place to eat
Curry poll 2006-03-05
A poll about one of my favourite foods; curry. Indian only.
What is your favourite flavour of ice cream? 2006-03-04
This is just... a random poll!
Week 1, Tournament of Alcohol 2006-03-04
South and West Brackets
Food and Everyday Life 2006-03-04
Food plays an important part in daily life. It provides us physical satisfaction, energy. What do...
Lunch 2006-02-27
what's for lunch?
Cheese or Jello? 2006-02-27
I was having an argument with my sister about which is better. So I decided to see what everyone ...
Favorite/Lease Favorite Foods 2006-02-26
This is a poll to see what your DC favorite and lease favorite baby foods are.
Favourite Fruit 2006-02-26
This is to see what is the yummiest fruit.
Favouite Nuts 2006-02-26
Tip for curb side take away? 2006-02-22
My wife and I recently went to a restaurant and weren't sure whether to leave a tip or not.
Do You Like Kit Kat 2006-02-21
My poll is to find out the customer opinion on the kit kat product
Fast Food Commercials 2006-02-15
How do you feel about fast food commercials?
Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut! 2006-02-13
I'm a 6th grader and am doing a science fair project. Please tell me what type of Hershey Kiss y...
How do you have your yorkshire puddings? 2006-02-13
its about yorshire pudding funnily enough...
food and drink 2006-02-13
What the title says