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Favorite Drinx 2006-05-30
What are you favorite types of drinks...?
Favorite soft drink 2006-05-25
This poll is intended to tell me your favorite soft drink.
Soda vs. Pop vs. Other 2006-05-23
Okay, so I'm just looking to see what people like to call that fizzy, sweet drink that we all kno...
favorite foods and drinks 2006-05-17
this is about food and drinks
What is your favorite ice cream? 2006-05-17
There are lots of ice cream flavors whats your favorite?
What Color of Skittles is Your Favorite 2006-05-15
I'm doing a statistics project about Skittles and this is part of it!
Wendy's Frosty 2006-05-09
What is it???
Do you drink or eat Ketchup? 2006-05-08
This is a major discussion that has arised at my school. Input is greatly appreciated.
What's the best ice cream flavor? 2006-05-03
What's the best ice cream flavor?
Eating habits (For Europeans ONLY!!!) 2006-05-01
We investigate the eating habits of people all over the world to see how healthy is people's diet...
eating disorder poll 2006-05-01
heyy id would super appreciate it if you took this for me. its for my sophy project ! thanksss :]
Milk or Dark Chocolate 2006-04-28
Which type of chocolate do you prefer?
Pies 2006-04-26
For all you pie-lovers round the world, help us solve the culinary world's biggest debate...
The Help-Gina-with-her-Art-Project Poll 2006-04-25
I'm working on an art project about emotional eating. I need your help in determining what the po...
scones!!!!!![@.@] 2006-04-21
how do you pronounce scone?
Kitkat: Orginal VS Chunky 2006-04-14
Is the the new kitkat chunky better or worse than the orginal kitkat we all know and love?? Lets ...
Minute Maid vs. Tropicana 2006-04-13
No one has really thought about it as a rivalry but it is undecided which is better.
Fast Food 2006-04-11
Pick your favorite fast food place, if I haven't listed, post a message!
Perfect Restaurant 2006-04-04
This poll has to do with the project to create the perfect restaurant. It is the first of many to...
how many of you would stop if you saw a bake sale ... 2006-04-04
how many of you would stop if you saw a bake sale on the side of the road?
Sweet tooth 2006-03-31
A poll about everything sweet! From chocolate to ice cream to chocolate ice cream!
Food Contamination Phobias 2006-03-31
What does it take to make you abandon a dish?
Overweight 2006-03-30
A quick poll on weight
Asking one simple question 2006-03-30
just asking a simple question
Chocolate or Vanilla 2006-03-25
What is the ultimate flavor?