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Classic Coke/Pepsi 2006-09-22
Crisps 2006-09-17
What is your favourite flavour of crisps?
Vote for Grill 151's "Best Burger East of the Mississippi" 2006-09-06
You've heard the rumors...Grill 151's Angus Fresh (never frozen!) TASTY Burgers are the talk of t...
favorite ice cream 2006-09-04
Whats your favorite ice cream? Mines mints chip!
Ice Cream Poll 2006-08-28
Yummie Ice Cream!
Sweet 16 2006-08-26
Which dish do you like best out of the following?
Ideal Weight 2006-08-26
What is the ideal weight for a 17 year old girl of 5'5"?
COOKIES!!!! 2006-08-18
Who's Your Favorite Food Product Mascot? 2006-08-17
You know,Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, etc.
Randomness 23 2006-08-14
Totally Random Things
Food Rox! 2006-08-11
Yum! Food!
Cereal Poll 2006-07-24
This is a poll about cereal - which kind's you like, which kind's you don't like, ect.
Randomness 22 2006-07-20
Totally Random Things
Sour Patch Kids 2006-07-17
I love them. How Bout YoU.
Fatt or not? (GUYS ANSWER ONLY) 2006-07-10
Okay, I'm serious about this. Don't just put down fat to be mean, or thin to be nice. BE COMPLETE...
What is your favourite drink? 2006-07-08
Find out what the uks favourite drink is.
Eating Items 2006-07-07
What's your favorite eating um... err... tools?
Dr Pepper, Coca Cola, Pepsi 2006-07-06
Which is better? Dr Pepper, Coca Cola, or Pepsi
randomness 21 2006-06-29
Totally Random Things
Smarties - nestle chocolate 2006-06-29
i need to know what you think of orange smarties because i have had many different arguments from...
Energy Drink Quiz 2006-06-16
Energy Drinks
Salt On Tomatoes 2006-06-08
This is a simple poll that developed from a dicussion/debate at school, please take a minute to o...
Diabetes and Diets 2006-06-01
This poll is to test your knowledge regarding diabetes and diets.
Mcdonalds food 2006-06-01
Who would like McDonalds to put salads on their kids meals to encourage kids to be healthy?
Best Water 2006-05-31
What is the best kind of water?