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Randomness 26 2006-11-19
Totlly Random Things
Your Favorite FOODS 2006-11-15
Which food do you like the most out of each group?
How do you decide where to eat tonight? 2006-11-13
Are you going to the same place over and over again? Have you ever saw this restaurant on the st...
what is your favourite food 2006-11-10
pick just 1 food from all the following
chocolate chip or cookies and creme? 2006-11-05
I cant decide!
Tortilla Chips Vs. Potato Chips 2006-10-30
if you had to eliminate one kind of chip from the world, what would it be? eh??
What's your favorite energy drink? 2006-10-29
For my journalsim class
favorite tasty cake 2006-10-28
wus ur favorite tasty cake snack?
Organic Restaurants 2006-10-27
I am interested in opening an organic restaurant in the area that I live and I am trying to find ...
Wedding Cake 2006-10-25
Looking to find out if people are trendy or traditional. What's you cake-Q for the wedding?
Soda and Cereal 2006-10-24
Random, I know. Just humor me please.
Randomness 25 2006-10-13
Totally Random Things
Best Dark Chocolate 2006-10-13
I wan't to find out your favourite dark chocolate brand.
Short-time poll 2006-10-13
This poll is just on here for more immediate results and will not be on for long. Cast your vote ...
What is your favorite cereal? 2006-10-11
Hawkins, Parks, and I were debating this at a soccer game and it was clearly undecided what the b...
Candy Bar 2006-10-09
Your favorite types of candy.
eating Out 2006-10-09
Eating out and your favorite fast food restaurants
food 2006-10-09
FOOD!!!!!!which kind of food is your favorite! yum
caffeine 2006-10-08
Poll for health class
Chocolate Eating Habits 2006-10-08
Poll about wat you like in chocolate
Chipotle vs. Taco Bell 2006-10-07
which do americans find is the better burrito
Pizza Buffet 2006-10-02
This poll is just made to find out how Xtreme u go in Pizza Buffets
Randomness 24 2006-09-28
Totally Random Things
ice cream 2006-09-25
favorite ice cream
Granola bars: crunchy or chewy? 2006-09-25
whick is better? crunchy or chewy granola bars