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What do you do when barefoot 2014-11-17
Do you like getting dirty feet or do you wear shoes? Do you go barefoot everywhere or only at home?
Male Teen Fashion & Sagging 2011-08-08
Male Teen Fashion & Sagging
I want a new fashion style 2012-01-16
I am 5'6" and 110 lbs female with blonde hair, blue eyes, and 32b. I am looking for a new l...
MALES ONLY: Sagging and More 2012-02-13
Just some questions about sagging, and more!
Poll for girls about petticoats! 2013-11-25
Hi, I guess most of you think petticoats are a secret girl-thing that us boys are too embarrassed...
Are boys in skinny jeans hot? 2013-12-06
A poll preferably for girls about whether skinny jeans are hot and what type of skinny jeans are ...
Favourite shoes (women) 2016-06-13 (closed)
Favourite shoes (women)
Men's Underwear 2012-07-12
Men's Underwear
boys who lose shoes 2012-07-20
this is a poll for boys and guys who lose shoes. i keep losing my shoes!
boy underwear 2014-12-16
boy underwear
Is it Cool? (poll for guys) 2015-12-31
Is it Cool? (poll for guys)
Trains on dresses (for women) 2016-07-20 (closed)
Do you wear them? When? Beautiful, dangerous or both?
Barefeet 2... 2011-05-28
What kind of experiences have you had barefoot?
crotchless panties 2012-01-23
poll on types of girls underwear
What kind of your ?underwear? 2012-04-02
boys only
Girls who wear skinny jeans 2015-07-23
Poll for girls who wear skinny jeans
Where do you like to wear the zipper of a skirt ? ( females only) 2017-02-14
Where do you like to wear the zipper of a skirt ? ( females only)
Celebrity Endorsements 2017-04-01
A poll to find out the impact of celebrity endorsements and how they influence what brands and pr...
No longer Resist Being Dressed Up " 2 " 2011-01-25
Well it has been almost 2 years since I made my first poll. In the last 2 years some things are s...
Girls who sag their pants! 2011-07-09
Trying to find out the difference between how girls from different countries sag their pants.
sleeping shirtless? 2012-06-29
Do you sleep that way?
Dress shirts without an undershirt 2012-11-26
I try to convince all my colleagues at my office that wearing an undershirt under your dress shir...
Spandex Leggings - Hot or Not? 2013-04-04
Fashion "experts" insist that leggings on women are a fashion no-no. This poll hopes t...
Guys wearing diapers (not older guys or guys with bladder problems) 2014-02-10
Guys wearing diapers (not older guys or guys with bladder problems)
Tanning 2014-05-19
this is a poll for people who tan