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Girls Sagging 2013-11-18
Do girls sag or not?
What Do You and Your Family Wear 2016-01-11
The Clothing Habits of You and Your Family Members.
Dresses that show buttock cleavage 2016-07-25
Dresses that show buttock cleavage
Nice clothes 2016-08-11
Im 19 y.o. and I recently moved to my boyfriend's house (im gay). Next year I will finish high sc...
Poll About Panties (Girls) 2014-07-29
Poll About Panties (Girls)
POLL: Guy friend lost bet mwahahaha? 2017-03-01
A male friend of mine lost a bet over a game of pool, had I lost I would have had to dress up as ...
fashion: stocking (female only) 2015-07-22
What king of stocking do you wear with your shoes? (10 questions)
How should I wear my shirt? 2016-04-28
I am wearing a full button up plaid shirt with a belt and jeans and shoes and I'm just curious to...
My clothes 2017-02-14
I'm 16 years old guy from Europe, and I have to wear proper clothes. My mother insists on stiff l...
Girls Kept in Tight Neckties 2015-12-03
People seem to like girls in ties...
Dress code for a university guy 2017-01-17
I've been thinking about dressing more smartly lately as part of my growth as a young man. What d...
Bathrobes and Dressing gowns (Men Only Poll) 2012-01-04
Ever since I got my first navy bathrobe at the age oif 13 I have been hooked! I love the look and...
Poll for girls about petticoats! 2013-11-25
Hi, I guess most of you think petticoats are a secret girl-thing that us boys are too embarrassed...
Losing shoes (guys only please) 2016-01-11
Have you, or a friend, ever lost one or both shoes? We're they stolen, or fell off somewhere they...
At what age can girls start wearing miniskirts and short shorts? 2016-04-23
I'm a single father of a 7 year old girl. It's spring, and it's already pretty warm here, and la...
Sagging Pants 2011-01-18
Sagging Pants
Male Undershirt usage 2011-03-08
Male Undershirt usage
MALES ONLY: Sagging and More 2012-02-13
Just some questions about sagging, and more!
Men In Women's Clothing 2012-05-29
There is no reason why men shouldn't wear women's clothing. After all, they wear ours! Why is it ...
Why do you wear skimpy clothes, when it's cold? 2014-08-13
I noticed that there are some girls on this site who like to go out scantily clad even in cold we...
Men wearing female short shorts?! 2015-01-06
I am a straight male at least 30 years of age and I just can't help it, but like short shorts eve...
Dress up for the holidays 2015-08-11
It's still summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, but the autumn/winter holidays will be upon us...
Boy Dressed Up For Christmas 2015-12-03
Should I dress up for my parents?
Dress code for my son 2016-06-25
I noticed that a lot of parents force their sons to wear dress clothes and this improved their be...
Have a dress code from now, what do you think? 2016-10-04
Hello, please read, I know it is quite long, but it's explanation of my story. I must wear unifor...