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speedos (guys in America only please) 2014-04-21
this is about guys wearing speedos in America
Boys Underwear 2016-08-20
Boys Underwear
Underwear 2012-04-12
I am looking to collect statical information about the underwear choices of straight men for a ge...
What Do You and Your Family Wear 2016-01-11
The Clothing Habits of You and Your Family Members.
Design a new Sleepsuit/ footie pj's /.. for me (Mom's idea^^) 2011-12-30
Be advised that my Mom likes the back zipped / back buttoned style, wich I need help to get in an...
Barefoot for Parents/Children 2012-04-02
A place for both parents/children to poll and discuss about being forced/not forced to go barefoo...
Dress me for Christmas Day 2014-12-15
I will spend Christmas Day in whatever the poll tells me. No, I'm not going to be naked so that ...
Boys Underwear UK 10-20 2016-02-10
Nothing gay or anything, just a survey about British boys underwear.
Dresses that show buttock cleavage 2016-07-25
Dresses that show buttock cleavage
Dress code for a university guy 2017-01-17
I've been thinking about dressing more smartly lately as part of my growth as a young man. What d...
POLL: Guy friend lost bet mwahahaha? 2017-03-01
A male friend of mine lost a bet over a game of pool, had I lost I would have had to dress up as ...
Wearing one shoe 2012-01-02
What do you wear on your shoeless foot when going Out in public with only one shoe?
what are you wearing (girls) 2014-09-15
A poll for girls to select what they are currently wearing so you can see averages.
Bob's Sagging Poll 2015-01-02
Bob's Sagging Poll
Girls Kept in Tight Neckties 2015-12-03
People seem to like girls in ties...
At what age can girls start wearing miniskirts and short shorts? 2016-04-23
I'm a single father of a 7 year old girl. It's spring, and it's already pretty warm here, and la...
Dress code for my son 2016-06-25
I noticed that a lot of parents force their sons to wear dress clothes and this improved their be...
Who wears Work or Hiking boots without socks? 2011-02-26
I have always done this myself, I am trying to find out if I am the only one!
Minimal winter clothes for females 2012-07-20
Most guys like to see girls wear minimal clothes all the time, even in cold winter days. This is ...
Should women have a dress code? 2014-02-10
A poll to see if people think women should have a dress code and or limitations on what we should...
Poll About Panties (Girls) 2014-07-29
Poll About Panties (Girls)
Women's shoes 2015-07-10
Opinions on different shoes.
How should I wear my shirt? 2016-04-28
I am wearing a full button up plaid shirt with a belt and jeans and shoes and I'm just curious to...
Home dress code - who's right? 2016-10-01
Hello, my mom forces me to wear dress code at home. It is stricter than my uniform in school. T...
My clothes 2017-02-14
I'm 16 years old guy from Europe, and I have to wear proper clothes. My mother insists on stiff l...