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boys who like to be in underwear 2014-06-09
this is a poll for boys who like to be in their underwear (or for dads who have sons who like it)
Barefoot dares for my girlfriend 2010-08-07
Where should my girlfriend go barefoot? She will take the three most-voted dares!
Lingerie Fetichism 2011-02-05
Lingerie Fetichism
Guys only: Your type of underwear 2010-12-21
Guys only: Your type of underwear
My new dress code 2013-02-05
Hi there, My Mom wants a new dress code for me. She wants me to be classic, conservative and stri...
New dresscode for my son 2016-12-26
Hello. I had pretty weird experience with my son, he's now turning 16. We had our Christmas Eve f...
should boys wear girls swimsuits& loetards 2013-02-25
i am a 13 year old boy i think boy should wear girls swimsuits & loetards
Do clothes make someone more attractive? 2015-08-31
Do clothes make someone more attractive and if so which clothes
Teens guys underwear 2016-01-27
Teen guys' underwear preferences poll
My brothers foot wear 2016-01-28
My 13-year-old brother said that if I would make a poll he would let it decided his foot wear. Th...
Length of shorts for young men 2016-02-23
Shorts are practical and comfortable wear for many sports and outdoor activities especially in wa...
belly button piercing (girls only) 2017-06-27
belly piercing is most popular piercing after ear piercing..this poll is about belly button pierc...
Teen Boy's Swimsuits 2016-08-06
What are your thoughts on what Teen Boys wear, or should wear in the pool and at waterparks? Fill...
Why do women play with their shoes (Men only) 2012-10-04
Hi! You probably notice a lot of women have a hard time keeping their shoes on :) So now is my qu...
Guys and Underwear (Guys Only) 2014-01-27
Poll about what kinds of underwear guys like.
Guys Underwear 2012-02-27
Guys Underwear
Barefoot for Parents/Children 2012-04-02
A place for both parents/children to poll and discuss about being forced/not forced to go barefoo...
Nylon raincoats and other rainwear 2012-12-13
Then and now: your thoughts and memories. Feel free also, to contribute to the Message Board as y...
Men's Jockey Underwear 2012-09-17
This is a poll for both male and female who like Jockey brand underwear.
Teen boy's underwear 2013-06-10
Teen boy's underwear
Underwear 2012-04-12
I am looking to collect statical information about the underwear choices of straight men for a ge...
Fashion and Style for feminine males 2012-08-28
What is your advice to feminine males on fashion and style?
What of these pleated skirts would you like wear ?( females only) 2015-03-23
What of these pleated skirts would you like wear ?( females only)
Sleepwear at Different Temperatures 2016-01-25
Sleepwear at Different Temperatures
What are you wearing right now? - Guys only 2012-03-14
Guys only. I will be making a ladies only one too.