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Male Underwear Poll 2010-05-29
Male Underwear Poll
Sag 2013-04-22
I love to sag, wanted to see how everyone else feels.
Guys wearing short shorts 2010-12-14
I'm a straight 21 year old guy in the United States. I have a bubble butt and tanned, smooth musc...
Slit skirts Females omly please 2010-07-26
I have seen many women wearing slit skirts. They can be long or short skirts and slits of differ...
Do you go commando? 2010-07-28
Thinking about trying some of these but wondering if it's normal.
Showing underwear/sagging 2014-05-19
A poll for boys about what they would do if a girl(s) asked them to pull their trousers up/stop s...
Thoughts on speedos 2015-04-06
Thoughts on speedos
Underwear (Men Only) 2016-01-11
Poll about underwear mens underwear.
Which of these skirts would you like wear ? ( females only ) 2016-05-08
Which of these skirts would you like wear ? ( females only )
Masked parties 2016-05-20 (closed)
Do you like masked parties? What style of mask do you like most?
Would you wear... 2017-09-19
For women up to 35. Just answer yes or no.
Children wearing high heels 2012-11-26
I've always had shoes and sandals with a small stiletto to wear for dressing up which my mother m...
Dress code for teen 2016-07-22
I'm parent of 14 y.o. boy. I think he should wear better clothes than he does now, so I will crea...
Which Underwear? 2012-04-16
I am a 20 year old single male in college. I am trying to decide what underwear I should wear. I ...
boys wearing tights 2011-07-07
Do you think boys should wear tights more often? It's common in eastern European countries and ev...
Crop Tops on Teenage Girls 2012-01-02
Crop Tops on Teenage Girls
Guys Underwear for College Sports Uniforms 2012-05-08
Guys Underwear for College Sports Uniforms
Bra Size 2012-09-14
Curious if body size dictates bra size.
Men's Underwear 2013-05-13
This poll is for both males and females about your preference in men's underwear
Guys Who Wear Skinny Jeans 2010-12-06
This poll is for guys only. Skinny jeans are now very common and even the percent of guys who we...
Teen boys underwear preferences 2016-05-20
Just want to prove that most teenage boys wear boxers/boxer briefs
Boys Underwear 2016-08-20
Boys Underwear
Flight Attendant Uniform Cosplay (Part 1) 2017-04-03
Hi, I'm Grace, I'm 23. I am a half Chinese half Korean girl living in Australia. I am 165cm tall ...
Back zip clothing, Yes/No, Why? 2011-12-29
Hey everybody! I'm a 16 year old Girl, and I can zip up a back zip, but can't unzip it myself. We...
Sleepsuits/one pice pyjamas 2011-12-29
Heyho, I'm a 16 year old girl. I want to ask you about Sleepsuits. I've got lots and lots of them...