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Sagging 2011-02-17
Do your boys swim in shorts and underwear or bathing suit? 2011-03-20
I am a mom and since it will soon be summer I have a question if I should have my boys wear short...
Preteen Teen Girls and Clothing 2011-02-01
Some complain that preteens and teens today dress immodestly; that they wear too much revealing c...
New fashion ideas for women 2016-11-05 (closed)
What do you think might be good for social events/going out? Women only
Men n underwears 2011-06-04
Men n underwears
Girls: what type of swimsuit do you prefer to wear? 2012-11-07
Girls only!
Guys, What is your favorite underwear design? 2012-11-05
I like shopping for underwear by myself, this is the best way to choose the right and comfortable...
Discomfort for Fashion 2014-04-28
This poll is aimed at women to see what level of discomfort and impracticality they will endure w...
Boys Summer Footwear 2011-05-16
Boys Summer Footwear
speedos 2012-10-22
guys how to you get dressed in the morning. 2014-05-19
this is to figure out how people get dress in the morning
Clothing Restrictions 2015-03-02
My husband wants to control my clothing and is making me do this poll to determine what my clothi...
Sportswear 2010-09-07
What sportswear do you like to wear?
Should i wear tighty whities or briefs? 2012-02-27
Should i wear tighty whities? I am in high school and feel like switching back since i won't have...
Perfect barefoot outfit for girls 2010-08-20
Girls, what is your favourite outfit when you walk barefoot in the streets? And boys, what is the...
Plastic Pants 3! 2015-11-26
I want to hear all about plastic pants from people that have worn them before or love wearing the...
Women's fashion 2016-12-06
For women, in your own words - all open ended questions
Men in Tights 2010-09-07
This poll is about men wearing tights.
Mini-skirts (girls only) 2010-11-30
About your mini-skirt
leotard & swimsuits (Boys or girls) 2011-02-14
leotard & swimsuits (Boys or girls)
Dressing a man in female clothes? (women only) 2014-04-14
This poll is only for females: would you want to dress a man you know in typically female clothes...
Barefoot 2015-07-22
Barefoot teens
butt crack exposure (girls only) 2010-10-07
butt crack exposure (girls only)
Dress Code Discipline 2011-02-05
I am a 15 year old boy who gets average grades, gets into trouble every now and then, and can be ...
Forced to wear cartoon briefs 2013-12-06
A poll for boys about being forced to wear cartoon briefs and how it makes you feel. Thanks for v...