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Make My Uniform 2015-03-23
As punishment, I have to wear a uniform. This is to be worn at home, at school, in public, etc. I...
Is that a skirt or a belt, young lady? 2011-04-05
The title is straight from my Dad - he made me change to a different skirt. How long is an apr...
Teen Underwear Preferences 2012-03-26
Teen Underwear Preferences
Cleavage 2016 (for women) 2016-06-05 (closed)
For women about cleavage in different situations. Unless otherwise stated, cleavage is taken to m...
Masks for women (2017) 2017-07-05
Make-up isn't considered a mask here
Do you like to go barefoot? 2012-02-06
I want to see if people like to go barefoot as much as me.
High heels 2017 2017-08-03
For women, whether you like heels or not
what underwear does your son wear 2014-08-05
this is for fathers with sons
Wearing skirts follow up 2014-04-18
This is a follow up to my previous poll: http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/575558 which had some in...
Guys when you were sixteen what did you sleep in 2011-01-28
A Snap shot in time
Ladies' thoughts about going topless 2011-08-08
Women have the option of revealing a bit but not everything but with guys, it's all or nothing. A...
Wrestling/ Fighting Fashion Models 2017-05-06
Most Models are in peak physical condition but could they beat a male in a mixed match? Choose fr...
Boys sagging 2013-09-16
Do you sag (wear trousers low)? If so where do you sag and why do you do it. If not then why not?...
How I should wear my shirt II 2016-05-07
How I should wear my button front shirt in different situations I am male
Boys Underwear 2011-06-13
Teen Boy Underwear 2011-04-23
Teen Boy Underwear
men wearing bras 2017-02-07
this poll is for men who like to wear bras. the bra is the only "female" piece of clo...
Speedo Teen Poll for Guys 2010-08-20
I'm a teen swimmer on a team, and into speedos :)
leotards and swimsuits and other 2013-02-25
this poll is perfect who like leotards swimsuits unitards and boys wearing these
Teen Boy Underwear Questions 2013-07-08
I want to find out what kind and how teen boys ages 10-17 wear their underwear.
Girls' Swim and Beachwear 2015-11-20
What you wear and do with and in your swimsuits
Mini Skirt Length 2012-09-04
I personally like to wear very short mini skirts to show off my long thin legs but there are mixe...
What is your choice 2013-01-29
When I look around me I see that guys seem to wear a wide variety of clothing types and that seem...
Swimwear (males only) 2011-04-16
Swimwear (males only)
Stuck in clothing 2013-12-31
Have you even been stuck in your clothes? If it happened more than once, you can select all ap...