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pie in the face event help 2015-09-14
I have this end of the summer girls basketball formal coming up and need to figure out which even...
Adult Braces Poll 2017-01-10
Take a poll about having orthodontic braces as an adult.
Parents, do you make your teenagers wear snow pants? 2017-11-16
Today was a very chilly day so I made my son, who is 14 years old, wear snow pants to school. I a...
Dressing Smartly 2021-08-04
I've recently been told I should dress smartly so I went ahead and bought some smart shirts and t...
What Type Of Shirt Pattern You Like The Most 2022-01-29
Shirts are the dominant choice in men's fashion. Most men love to wear shirts more than tees, kur...
Denim dungarees 2022-03-03
Denim dungarees
Straight guys who are into your looks! ages 15-25!!! 2010-07-20
This poll is NOT for gay guys, its for STRAIGHT guys who are into style, into their looks, and li...
girls preferations 2010-08-21
im a guy, i like this one girl but idk how to, dress, or talk around her, but the only thing is t...
Women only (mens sandals) 2010-10-07
Women only (mens sandals)
necklaces 2010-11-07
This poll is designed to find out what kinds of findings, metals, bead types and necklace styles ...
GIRLS ONLY SURVEY: what do you think off guys with glasses? 2010-12-01
This survey is only for girls about guys who are dependent on glasses.
Contemporary dance clothes for men 2011-01-25
What clothes should men wear for a contemporary dance class?
Guys only 2011-02-26
Guys only
what funpals would you wear 2011-05-26
what funpals would you wear
Guys 12-24: How do you like your shirts to fit? 2011-06-08
Guys 12-24: How do you like your shirts to fit?
Men's dress shoes. Would you wear them if they were like this? 2011-11-18
A poll about dress shoes.... classic and innovative GUYS ONLY
Female Underwear 2011-12-17
What sort of underwear do you use?
What type of sandals would you wear? 2012-03-20
Help create the best sandals ever!!!
Holes In Shirts 2012-04-12
Would you still wear a shirt with a hole? A shirt is classified by "a top", from tees t...
Henleys 2012-05-18
Guys and painted toenails 2013-02-14
Guys, have you ever painted yor toenails?
Ladies, please give me a girly makeover 2013-09-27
im a crossdresser, but I need some help. Please feel free to add anything, descriptions, links, etc.
Do my glasses lenses look thick? 2013-12-06
Link to the pic: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=9r24xh&s=5#.UpqlD9JDsrV
What do you find fashionable? (ages 12-18 and GIRLS ONLY!) 2014-02-06
My name is Brianna. I'm aspiring to become a young fashion designer. I am wanting to find out wha...
Women's Opinion of a Man Wearing a Vest and No Shirt 2015-04-08
Ladies, do you think a vest and no shirt looks sexy on a guy?