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What do teenage girls wear in bed? 2012-03-15
All you teenage girls out there, take a moment from teasing the boys by not telling them what you...
Your PJs 2014-07-29
Just curious what you wear at bedtime.
teen girls wearing diapers for special occasions 2014-02-25
I want to know how people feel about teen girls wearing diapers under dresses for special occasio...
New Year's Eve fashion (women) 2016-11-17
All about New Year's Eve outfits. Please answer for this year if you have an idea what you will w...
Guys who prefer to wear one shoe only 2015-01-13
As long as I remember, I've liked to take off my right shoe and just have a left shoe and a sock ...
Embarrassed In Briefs/Tighty Whities 2012-04-12
For guys who have been made fun of in briefs
Why and how do you wear overalls? 2014-01-02
This poll is about bib overalls (UK: dungarees), shortalls and skirtalls (UK: pinafore). In this ...
Tighty Whities Factor 2015-04-06
This poll was created to assess the public view of the famous (or infamous) classic white brief. ...
Jockstrap 2013-06-24
I would like to know more about wearing jockstraps. I enjoy them and want to know about others pr...
Clothing and Accessories Rules 2015-07-22
So I'm home alone for the next four days and I'm putting a poll up on what I should wear when I'm...
Your dream overalls 2013-12-26
Suppose you've one a contest and you could get a free pair of overalls (UK: Dungarees) made to y...
Clothes you wear during different situations: 2015-05-11
Select what clothes you like to wear in different situations:
Dudes Underwear 2011-04-23
your taste in underwear
What to wear (BOYS ONLY) 2013-12-26
What should I wear this week
Dress Code for Adults 2015-02-09
This is a poll for adults who have a dress code imposed upon them or who fantasize about it. This...
What overalls do you own? 2013-12-26
Tell me what kind of overalls (UK: Dungarees) you own. If you have more than one pair, tick all t...
male underwear 2015-03-30
male underwear
Underwear - poll for women 2016-07-22
Underwear - poll for women
Halloween 2016 (women) 2016-08-31 (closed)
For women who like dressing up for halloween
Gay Underwear Fetish 2013-05-20
Gay Underwear Fetish
Bottomless 2015-02-09
Do you enjoy spending time bottomless?
Underwear and swimwear poll for men 2013-01-03
I was just wondering what people think the best kind of underwear and swimwear is.
Going Commado (Girls only) 2010-07-26
Research has shown that going panty free is far healthier for women and many "modern" c...
Sagging pants (guys) 2016-09-22
This poll is used to describe how you sagg. I personally sagg with regular jeans about half way ...
Underwear at sleepover (guys only) 2014-05-19
What underwear should i wear at a sleepover?