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briefs as punishment 2013-04-29
i know this is overdone sorry, but my son isnt listening to me, so i decided to ground him and m...
pj's (guys) 2013-06-20
what are the best ones
Why do you wear jeans? 2013-09-27
Few question about jeans, and why do you wear them.
Trägt Ihr Sohn Kleidung von seiner Schwester? 2014-04-07
Trägt Ihr Sohn Kleidung von seiner Schwester?
Lesbians who sag their pants. 2015-07-22
My name is Doreen, I'm 25, lesbian and sag my pants. I see so many pools for guys who sag their p...
Ladies shoes and favorite types (ladies only please 2017-06-17
Ladies shoes and favorite types (ladies only please
Yet another underwear poll for ladies. 2010-07-12
I am trying to amass enough results to prove which is the most popular underwear worn by ladies. ...
What underwear do girls wear 2011-06-04
If you are not one of the ages listed below, tell me what underwear you wore during that age.
College guys: shirtless survey at college. 2011-09-28
This survey is strictly for college guys.
What would be the best outfit for the situation? 2012-07-27
A male friend of mine lost a silly bet to me, and now he's going to be glammed up as a pretty gir...
Women and their shoes (Men only) 2012-10-26
Is it interesting what shoes a woman wears? And how far would this go? I have a thing for shoes, ...
Guys Ear Piercings... 2013-03-11
I am planning on getting my ear(s) pierced over spring break. I am 19 and my parents never let me...
Which earrings look best on men? 2013-03-11
I want to know, which kind of earrings you like best on men
Beautiful and sexy people who show off their physiques. 2014-04-28
This is a poll to determine what people think of sexy people who show off their physiques. Do you...
Underwear Poll 2015-12-03
Underwear Poll
Decide what you wear! 2016-01-25
In this poll you can decide what clothes you would to wear when no one's laughing at you for it, ...
Guys and colored socks 2016-05-20
my mom bought me 12 pair of bright colored no show socks with writing on them.I know they cost mo...
Going out in socks 2016-06-05
My daughter who is 8 goes everywhere in her socks, school, shops even on formal occasions like we...
Acceptable appearance after work 2016-07-22
At work, I wear shirts and tie, suits etc. Often after work I go to maybe my cousins house, or f...
How to start wearing shirts every day? 2017-10-27
I'd like to dress smartly so I bought few shirts... but how should I wear them? What rules should...
Jeans and thongs 2010-12-18
For girls and Boys
Girl's Underwear Preferences 2011-02-10
Girls 13 and up only please.
Girls sagging pants! 2011-07-09
I'm making an article in School about different styles and need to know more about sagging pants ...
Are skinny jeans acceptable on boys/men? 2011-08-15
I've heard controversy over this topic, i.e. in USA its frowned upon, but in Asia it's acceptable.
What are you wearing right now? - Girls Only 2012-03-14
Girls only. I made a guy one already.